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LAST 3 Copies at that price, next price 499$

This Algo trying to capture quick correction of price when there is enough market volatility.

It was tested from 2009 to 2020 with very nice success and relatively low DD and also currently running in the real market with very good profit and R/R.

The thing that makes this Algo more secure is the fact that the same set of parameters can match 4 different currencies (of course it is better to adjust each currency with a specific set which is the case here).

Time Frame 15M

Input Parameters

best set parameters can be found in the first Comment.

FilterNum1...FilterNum4 - Internal filters that reduce bad trades, can be turned on and off

Ma1...MA3 - Which MA period to choose

Take profit - Take profit in Pips (not points)

Stop Loss -Stop Loss in Pips (not points)

Equity stop - Hard stop loss when equity loss reach a specific %

Max Open Position - Max Open positions at the same time

Min Distance - How much min distance between one trade to the next one

Multiplier Lot - How much to increase the next lot size (based on the previous opened lot)

Max Spread - Max allowed spread to open positions

Start Trail After - Start to trail after how much pips

Trail Amount - How much to trail each step


Please use broker that allows min lot 0.01 

Must use VPS

Minimum balance 400$ per 0.01 lot

Please test before buy/rent this Algo.

DISCLAIMER - Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results , you  are only responsible for your own actions!

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