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Babel Lt

     MT5 netting the Babel robot uses the ZigZag indicator to generate Fibonacci levels on M1, M5, M15, H1, H4, D1, W1  periods of the charts , calculates the strength of trends for buying and selling. It opens a position when the specified trend level is exceeded and places pending orders at the Fibonacci levels. Candlestick analysis and Bollinger indicators help to increase or decrease the position. With reaching a positive profit and a trend change to an unfavorable Babel closes the position. The screen displays the current results of work on the position, deals, trends to assess the quality of robot ’ s work and to change the parameters of its work.

 Full version of the robot  is  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51199

     A manual position increase by lot 0.02 or more is perceived by the robot as triggering of its own pending order (order triggered). Pending or market orders with a lot of 0.01 change the position s volume upon triggering, but are not perceived by the robot as its own transactions.

Long video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaFjvyIQYT0


The materials presented below are informational ones and are intended solely for educational or informational purposes.

When using this product, Babel robot light - a program for the purposes of automatically making transactions on the Forex market, you completely accept the risk of not receiving a calculated profit, as well as the risk of a complete loss of all invested funds.

The results of the robot ’ s work in the past, as well as the results of testing and optimization do not guarantee the receipt of similar results in the future.

Parameters of the Babel robot:

1. Long position Buy opening is allowed.

2. Short position Sell opening is allowed.

Allow opening Buy and / or Sell positions, respectively. True means allow.

If both parameters are set to false, then the robot closes the position, deletes all pending orders and switches to indicator mode.

3. Minimum Buy trend strenght for open long position Buy.

4. Minimum Sell trend strenght for open short position Sell.

The minimum value of the strength of the trends Buy and / or Sell to open a position, respectively.

Decreasing the parameter increases the profit, but also increases the drawdown in the balance, funds. A value of at least one parameter below 3.0 sharply increases the risks.

5. Sensitivity to market fluctuations.

Sensitivity to market volatility and / or Broker s spread size. A lower value allows transactions at less market movement. The parameter affects the difference between buying and selling for each transaction (deal). 

6. MN1 Time Frame is allowed

  "True" means to put a pending orders into MN1 Fibo lines. Needs a big market history, which some time is absent in broker's server.

7. Monetary negative profit for partial decrement position   

Operates like partial Stop Loss

8.  Monetary negative profit for Stop Loss line calculating

 The absolute (in the deposit currency) value of the negative equity for the position for calculating the Stop Loss level.

 The Babel robot calculates position equity,  which can be not equal to the position profit For example, the profit on a position may be positive (usually it is displayed in the lower right corner of the terminal on the Trade tab), but taking into account Swaps, Commissions, Fees and the results of deals, position equity  may be negative.

9.  Monetary profit for decrement position by 0.01

     The absolute (in the deposit currency) value of the positive profit for the position at which the position volume decreases by 0.01 , but position equity has to be positive.

10.  Monetary profit for Take Profit line calculating

The absolute (in the deposit currency) value of the positive profit as position equity  for calculating and setting Take Profit. 

ATTENTION! The MT5 platform removes Stop Loss and Take Profit when pending orders to increase the position volume are triggered . Therefore, it is important to keep the robot switched on. 

Before shutting down the robot,  stop the robot, switch it into indicator mode (parameters #1 and #2  are "false") for deleting pending orders and make sure there is a Stop Loss. 

Reviews 1
Ahmed Sarıkaya
Ahmed Sarıkaya 2020.06.18 21:42 

I have good results in demo account.

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Ahmed Sarıkaya
Ahmed Sarıkaya 2020.06.18 21:42 

I have good results in demo account.

Version 1.2 2020.06.13
Removed some restriction in the work of the robot associated with the increase in position