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MFT Dual Smart

This EA brings absolute returns regardless of the upward or downward direction.

The results depend on how you set them up.

The important thing is, in my experience, you shouldn't trust 100% of the strategic test results.

※ Never trust strategic test results. What's important is the actual test.

Because they saw a lot of things that were different from what they actually.

Test with a simulated investment.

※ Only watch out for big trends that don't come back.

==== Recommended Symbol and Time Frame =====


EUR / USD ......

other key symbols

5m, 15m, 30m, 1H

==== Recommended setting value =====

Example investment $1,000

Start lot = 0.01

Magic number = 555555555

One order TP (point) = 200

Two Order Min TP(point) = 20

Max Lots = 0.16

ADD step(point) = 200

ADD Multi = 2.0

Buy/Sell Total TP amount($) = 1

Buy/Sell Total SL amount($) = 999999 (disabled)

Max Order Limit = 100

Spread Limit = 20

Estimated earnings are above 30 percent on average.

(This may vary depending on the set value and symbol.)

※ The higher the investment, the safer it is, but the lower the yield.

For more aggressive investment, modify the settings below.

Start lot

One Order TP(point)

Two Order Min TP(point)

Max Lots

ADD step(point)

Buy/Sell Total TP amount($)

For your economic independence...

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