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GBP Matrix

The expert GBP Matrix 2020 works on the basis of a set of indicators - CCI, RSI, Bollinger band, as well as a specially developed logical predictability. The dynamic grid method is also used in combination with the Stochastic indicator. It is optimized to work with GBPUSD - 15 minutes, and achieves the best results with a leverage of 1:400 - 1:500, but if in your case it is 1:100 it will have to work with a higher initial capital, for example more than 5,000. Usually when the maximum lot size is 50, then when you reach a profit of about 500,000, it is good to start with a new account or withdraw part of the winnings. If you use a fixed lot size value, it is good to start with 0.01 - 0.04. When setting DynamicLotSize is true - the EquityPercent risk value is best not to exceed 10%.

All results are only from TESTER. EA has not been tested on VPS.

www.myfxbook.com/strategies/gbp-matrix/252104   - Advanced Strategy Tester

Important note and Recommendation

  • Minimum balance size to start  $1000
  • Use Default setting for optimal balance
  • Recommend currency pair  -  GBPUSD only. /In the next my EA, will be present optimizations for EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPCHF 
  • Time frame M15

Setings: / default /

DynamicLotSize – true

EquityPercent – 8

FixedLotSize – 0.01

StopLoss – 5000

TrailingStop – 320

GetProfit -6  / relative . If you try 8, 10… it will be high risk /

start_point – 160 / for the first order/

TP_FirstOrder – 5000 / if this is for examp. 100 – will eliminates the action of TrailingStop

MaxOrders – 11 / up to 20 max/

RsiPeriod – 14 /don’t change /

Magic – 121212/ your Magic Number /

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