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AFS Tick hunter

AFS Tick Hunter on EURUSD

Robot provided,Analyze the financial market and then buys or sells based on the right situation.in this robot,at changing each tick price,with the utmost precision and speed,whatever a trader needs, the robot gives it a fraction of a second.


This robot "ATH" manages your account by focusing on the following 4 processes:

1. Activities before doing a transaction (sell\buy)

These measures include capital management and setting new deposits when the number of positions is zero. Then forecast and find the trend and check the transaction in changing any tick price, then determine the number and volume of orders.

2. Activities to open a transaction

Activities are related to managing orders place.

3. Activities after the transaction to protect transactions and achieve profitability as much as possible

4. Activities associated with exit from the market or end transactions


SYMBOL of ATH : EURUSD the EURUSD symbol must have 5 digits, or 5 decimal places.

Because each Symbol according to its own customers and their tendencies, hours of their presence and other variables create own movement patterns. 

So, in the near future, after researching on the other Symbol’s market, I will launch robots based on each Symbol.


ACCOUNT TYPE: Real account

ACCOUNT MODE: Hedging account

Take Profit: Automatically

Stop Loss: Automatically

LOT size: Automatically

Chart Time Frame: All Time Frame

Fully automated trading EA/ROBOT


Though, it has been thought about all the probabilities of failure.

But users should use the robot to comply with the requirement of continuous presence in the market.

Control the following continual and daily:

1. This robot has just been created for trading on the EURUSD.

2. Check out and read carefully and thoroughly Overview, updates/What's new, screenshots and comments of this EA.

3. Do not close open positions manually.

4. Enter the number 1200 in the parameter " max_tick".

5. Before decrease or increase of your deposit, Disabled the Auto Trading mode (Ctrl+E), Shutdown MT5 Software.

After decrease or increase of your deposit Turn on MT4 Software, Enabled the Auto Trading mode (Ctrl+E).

The robot will now return to its normal state.

6. Read the latest robot usage instructions in the comments section

7. Please download the full data and update all time frames and ticks from Show Symbol list (F2), If you do not do this, the deal will not take place or deals are cancelled.

8. Contact me if you have any problems.

Good luck and have great deals

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