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Joker Scalper Pro

Joker (character) does not possess any special ability but in return, he is extremely agile, has strong martial arts, has combat skills as well as the ability to use proficient weapons. Joker has the ability to create chemical toxins, explosives, and many other dangerous homemade weapons.

But the scariest thing is his crazy but genius brain


"Joker Scalper Pro" is an Expert Advisor with a genius "brain" that helps you surf, earn small profits on a continuous basis, by entering and exiting multiple times a day.

Take a look at the backtest result:

- In just 1 year (from June 1, 2019 to June 1, 2020), the profit from $ 10,000 increased to $ 67,894,420

- In just 2 months (from March 19, 2020 to May 22, 2020), the profit from $ 10,000 increased to $ 38,901

"Joker Scalper Pro" is an Expert Advisor that automatically analyzes marker data and looks for trading signals with high, low risk, win rates.

We should choose brokers with low spreads, choose M1 or M5 time frames

=> Get the Expert Advisor "Joker Scalper Pro" to increase your profits

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Orwa Kerdiea
Orwa Kerdiea 2020.09.22 16:01 

Very bad,, Hyperactive

victor9090 2020.09.21 19:43   

Is it very common for ICMarkets to send you an email saying that the account is "Hyperactive"? It is also common to see losses? He has been working all morning and does not raise the bill, on the contrary. It's making me lose. Please your help.