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Frisbee S


Recommend trade only on USDCAD

This is lite version of my other EA Frisbee was made by neuronet. Deep training has combined with new method based on random forest. The EA can uses following currency pairs USDCAD. It was trained on FXOpen server. Recommended timeframe is H1.

This EA uses neural network for trading. The specifics of neural networks requires a training period by history and a testing outside that training period. A historical test of the Frisbee S shows principle of operation but it is never trustworthy. Please check my signal.

Recommended to make Optimization for your broker. This will be better because each brokers\accounts have slightly different.

Optimization parameter:

OpenBuy\SellSignal: 10(start) 1(step) 30(stop);

CustCorr\Azy: 0.7(start) 0.1(step) 1.5(stop);

Also you may try to check with different TP\SL;


    • Lots - lot size (if 0.0, then% of the deposit is used);
    • Percent - lot size as% of the current deposit size;
    • TakeProfit - Take Profit Size;
    • StopLoss - Stop Loss Size;
    • TrailingStop - Trailing step size. If 0 -> trailing is turned off;
    • OpenBuySignal - Tolerance to generate a BUY signal;
    • OpenSellSignal - Tolerance to generate a SELL signal;
    • CustAsy\CustCorr - Both Parameters for optimisation;
    • MaxSpread - Max Spread that you want to trade. If the spreade after your setting will be higher - the EA will stops the open the order on that currency pair;
    • TradeTime - Time for trading,  from HH:MM - to HH:MM;
    • Suffix - Suffix added to the name of currency pairs;
    • Magic - magic number for identifying advisor orders;
    • Comments - comments for advisor orders;
    • Monday-FridayTime - you can configure the EA from Monday to Friday. Hourly;

Giordan Costa
Giordan Costa 2020.05.31 13:36 

1 Week so far so good,i will update later.

philippe germain
philippe germain 2020.05.27 15:09 

No lose no gain....

pollekos 2020.05.22 14:41   

не выставляет ордера Buy