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IceTrader Indicies

Hello everyone. 
This EA is up for looks and sale, the final version has yet to come. 
Since we had interrest in this exact EA we are going to release it a bit before time for this client to see.

IceTrader is an EA build for the sole purpose of following trends on indicies, since indicies has quite a lot of points/pips to give almost everyday. 
We aimed for an EA that could provide us with reliable results, with relatively small drawdowns. This EA provides you a trend trader thats knows when to get in the market based on its rather unqie trading style and ability to place stoplosses based on the volatility of the market. The same goes for the Target, everything is relativ, therefore if the market is extremely volatile, the EA will provide stoploss and targets that match. 

Essentially the EA provides you with a low risk high reward scenario, the Risk/reward is roughly 1:5.6 
That must mean that the hitrate is terrible you say? Well not exactly, since the formula contains indicators that insures that there is momentum in either direction it makes for a great result.
Currently looking at a 25% hitrate. 
Current edition is traded on the 5minute chart, coming edition will trade on the 1minute chart.
I will be updating as time goes on - I suggest using this EA on the DOW jones index and or the DAX as of right now. This list will grow over time. 
Any questions at all - feel free to text me.
I have decided to make a one month trial for a smaller sum to give everyone a chance to try it out before throwing a larger sum of money at it. 


Please, if you buy or test this exact EA, bear in mind that you should never speculate with and or invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 
Use this at your OWN risk. 

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