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Trend Miner Classic

This is a fully automated EA that follows the classic strategy of buying dips in an uptrend and selling rallies in a downtrend. It will only open a position when the momentum of the correction has slowed, thus avoiding the chances of buying or selling when there's a sudden spike in prices. 

The EA will be protected by a stop loss and will exit a trade when the prices have moved by a considerable margin in the direction of the trade.  

Periodic Optimization

It’s important to regularly optimize the settings of this EA to ensure that the EA is always up-to-date to the current market conditions. I will update this page with the latest optimization settings on a monthly basis, so please make sure to check this page regularly. 

Compatible Pairs

This EA is suitable for most major and some minor pairs. However, the EURUSD pair usually gives the best signal, often by a significant margin as compared to the next best performing pair. Nevertheless, I'll try to post the settings for the other profitable pairs in case you would like to trade those. But I highly recommend to only focus on the EURUSD pair as any perceived diversification you might expect from trading other pair does not justify for the lower reward-to-risk you get from it. 

Money Management

Traders are given the option to use (or not to use) Martingale in this EA. All the results posted on this page is based on a Martingale Loss Factor of 2. If you do not wish to trade Martingale, please set the input to 1.

I'll post the maximal drawdown (for both balance and equity) for each pair every month together with the updated settings so that you can use the info to set you position sizing. These figures are obtained from 1 year of backtesting results with a Martingale_Start lot size of 0.1 lot.

Broker's Recommendation

It is highly recommended to use true ECN or Raw Spread brokers. I've tried a few brokers before and the results for each broker can be quite significantly different. Sometimes one broker can have a buy order while the others have no open position. Other times one broker has exited a profitable trade while the other see the price reverse and resulted in a losing trade. PM me if you wish to know which broker I'm using. 

EA Settings

Last Updated: 22 May 2020
  eurusd eurchf eurgbp gbpusd eurcad
entry 38 52 34 46 32
stoploss (pips) 82 72 82 66 20
trend 85 95 50 100 40
momentum 10 11 11 6 8
exit 80 84 88 42 90
ma 40 40 30 30 40
MagicNumber 101 101 101 101 101
MM_Martingale_Start (lot size) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
MM_Martingale_LossFactor (to disable, set to 1) 2 2 2 2 2
*Optimized parameters are highlighted in bold          
Total Net Profit 1815 1199 1904 5119 2225
Profit Factor 3.39 2.58 2.87 2.58 2.24
Max Balance DD 86.7 86.39 122.16 347.02 140.5
Max Equity DD 128.74 156.29 178.34 980.07 179.14

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