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Account panel
Jose Ramon Rosaenz
Panel that summarizes the following parameters: - Number of the Broker account that we are using. - Total account balance (profit / loss) from a date that we can select from the input parameters - Partial balance by "magic number" (gains / losses) in the current day, the week (starting on Monday) and the current month (starting the first of each month) - This panel automatically detects the "magic numbers" of the Expert Advisors used - In case of closing or opening operations manually, the res
30 USD
Jose Ramon Rosaenz
Expert advisor with the strategy already predefined in its programming, it is only necessary to install it in MT5 and put it to work. It is specially configured for the EUR / USD pair but can be used in any other currency pair  EA includes an Stop Loss input parameter (pips). It is recommended a low value of SL Recommended Account: 5000 USD BACK TEST EUR/USD M1 (2010-2020) - 100% quality (every tick from TICKSTORY)
49 USD