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EURUSD, M5 . SENSEI generally looks to trade trends and microtrends as well as volatility breakouts and low volatility ranging markets. It was developed using several proven trading strategies that were automated into a powerful algorithm using  in-sample statistical data of several Forex brokers for verification. The data sample was big enough to include all kinds of market sentiments. The Strategy was then tested on out of sample data to verify the in-sample performance.For this purpose the Strategy was tested over a period of over 20 years (1999-2020) on the EURUSD currency pair using M5 tickdata and a spread of 10 points (1 pip). The high liquidity and low spreads clearly favour this pair.



  • Percent of Balance (First Trade) – Signal position size
  • Balance – Type in your balance of your account here
  • Lot multiplication factor – Calculates Lotsizes of Grids
  • Maximum Lotsize – Limit here if you want
  • Maximum open positions – Limit here if you want
  • Grid Distance (minimum in pips) – Grid has at least this distance (depending on volatility maybe more)
  • Magic Number for EURUSD- Leave unchanged
  • Maximum Spread (in points) – 10 to 20 is recommended
  • FIFO (for US Brokers) – Only set to true if your broker is a US Broker
  • Trade Comment – For identification of trades in history
  • Profit Target (in pips) – Take profit in pips
  • Trailing Stop – true/or false
  • Trailing Step -  Trailing Step in pips (Jumping Trailing Stop)
  • December Filter – If true no trades between Christmas Holidays and New Year
  • GMT offset – GMT offset of your broker server (ask when unsure). Put Wintertime here
  • US DST – Automatic change between Summertime and Wintertime

Default settings recommended.

Low Spread and high leverage recommended.

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