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FT Smooth

Indicator FT Smooth performs smoothing of price chart according to a special algorithm: high peaks are pressed into the chart to the main channel of price movement. And slight movements (noise) are flattened into a smooth curve. The chart line is visually similar to a simple moving average, but unlike МА has a smoother form and doesn't lag behind. Smoothing can be applied to any price available in the indicator settings on the third tab "Parameters".

The power of smoothing of the selected price can be changed in an interactive/visual way, not only through the indicator parameters. To switch to visual adjusting of the smoothing parameters, press SHIFT twice on an active chart and then, when you press Arrow Up or Arrow Down keys the power of smoothing will increase or decrease respectively. The current default value of the smoothing power and tips on using the indicator are displayed as the standard comments on the chart. Thus you can visually choose an adequate default parameter of the smoothing power by pressing only two keys. Pressing any key except Arrow Up/Down (for instance, Esc) will switch the indicator back to the normal mode.

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