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NSP Moses Full

Multi-currency advisor for a constant stable income with minimal risks.

Trading is based on trend movements, positions are opened based on the strength of the trend and based on the data of two user indicators and trading volumes according to the author’s formula.

Series of positions have a common take profit, which is based on the statistics of trend movements of this trading instrument and have a limit on the number and return the swap paid on transactions.

All indicators are already in the adviser.

Trading recommendations: for every $ 1,000 of a deposit of 0.01 lot, subject to trading in all currency pairs.

Currency pairs:














Timeframe "Daily"

1 Martingale is not used.

2 Hedging is not used.

3 Full return of the swap with take profit formula.

4 The EA closes positions when a trend changes and protects the deposit.

5 Has only 12 trades in a series of orders.

6 Do not scalping.

7 Not sensitive to news.


Install the adviser on one of the currency pairs that are on the list (Required) and go to the "Daily" timeframe


Trade: false / true - disable or allow the advisor to trade currency pairs authorized for trading (For the advisor to work correctly, "TRUE" is mandatory)

(For testing in the terminal of the "False")


Both- Trade for both sale and purchase

Buy - Trade only for purchase

Sell ​​- Trade only for sale

Hedge: False / True - prohibit or allow random hedging of orders (It does not affect profitability, for those accounts on which hedging is prohibited)

Move Swop: False / True - disable or enable the swap return system (the swap is returned by adding the commission paid to the take-profit, every day)

Lots: Transaction Volume

Magic Number: Magic Number

In the list of currency pairs, be sure to include those pairs on which you allow the adviser to work.

The version of NSP-Moses Run designed to disperse the deposit can be found at:

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Version 1.6 2020.06.22
Update settings. 3 new currency pairs added