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Losing Trades Hedger

This Expert Advisor tries to help you get out of your losing trades by placing pending orders at levels of your opening order price and your stop loss hedged trade.

Available settings:

  • Lots - the lots that will be added at the pending orders levels of opening price and stop loss hedged trade of your first order.
  • Magic Number - if you want to trade multiple currencies and charts.
  • Order comment - so that you know which trade is placed by EA.

A walkthrough of trading order:

  1. Buy trade is opened at the market and hedged sell trade pending order is opened at your stop level (screenshot 1).
  2. When your hedged sell trade is hit, the EA will start to work by placing pending buy order (screenshot 2) at your first market order.
  3. When your pending buy order is hit, EA will place pending sell order at your first hedged (screenshot 3) trade.

And so on, until you get out of your losing trade in profit of the total trades value and turn your losing trades into winning ones.

Recommendation: start trading with lower lot sizes, so that you can overcome losing trades easily.

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