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Amazing Robot

Amazing robot reversible trading robot for MT5. It takes into account the trend, Support and Resistance levels, determines pivot points and the speed of price changes.

A robot can determine with a high probability the pivot point and a false breakout.

It works round-the-clock in fully automatic mode, has self-configurable parameters and does not require special settings.

For deposit insurance, 3 types of Stop Loss are provided:

1. Virtual Stop Loss on points, which is triggered when the price moves in the opposite direction. Then at a certain level the position will be closed. 

2. Virtual Stop Loss by time. If the position does not close within 10 days then it is forcibly closed.

3. Physical Stop Loss, triggered in force majeure situations as well as when there is no connection with the broker server. The size of Stop Loss is determined by the "Drawdown" parameter.

The robot uses a virtual Take Profit, as well as Trailig Stop,which is connected at a certain level and goes into breakeven mode.

There are 4 operating modes: Low, Medium (default mode), High and Extremal.

The Drawdown parameter determines the location of the physical Stop Loss, indicated as a percentage in relation to the balance.

The lot size for opening an order is determined automatically and depends on the size of the balance, as well as on the selected trading mode. It is displayed on the chart.

The Drawdown parameter is a virtual Stop Loss, the percentage of the balance at which a position will be closed (drawdown by equity).

When the value of the Drawdown parameter is set at 1% -10%, the robot will work as a "Scalper".

Amazing robot works on all currency pairs, on all time frames and on all types of accounts.

Leverage 1: 50-1: 500 (recommended 1: 100-1: 300).

It is recommended to use only on EURUSD.

** To find the best currency pairs, you need to test the robot in the "All symbols selected in MarketWatch" mode, and in "Every tick based on real ticks" mode.

With the purpose to provide security at the same time limiting the number of open positions for the mode Low: 5-6, Mediium: 3-4, High: 2-3, Extremal: 1-2

Automatically increase the lot does not occur if the value of Margin Level of less than 2000%.

All control buttons are shown in Fig. 2


If you have open orders in MT5 terminal while migrating to another MT5 terminal, you should copy all files from "Files" folder before installing robot on the new terminal

The folder is located here: Open the "File" menu -> "Open Data Folder" -> "MQL5" -> "Files" -> . . . . (EURUSD.rvs . . . )

These files (.rvs) store the latest states for each pairs.


Petros Shatakhtsyan – programming expert in modeling and development of automated trading systems with more than 10 years of Forex experience.

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Version 1.6 2020.09.14
Fixed a bug that occurred with negative spreads.

Added improved settings for some brokers.
Version 1.5 2020.09.08
Added new settings for a new broker.
Version 1.4 2020.08.26
Added floating multipliers to increase the volume (lot).

It is recommended to use only on EURUSD.
Version 1.3 2020.06.22
New currency pairs