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Integra Module

Integra Module is a semi-automatic trading system.


  • In the semi-automatic method, the trader places orders and the Expert Advisor manages them until closure.
  • It can be used as an assistant in other trading systems, or can help reduce the lot size of a series of orders in drawdown.
  • It can be used as a tool which can cut the lot of a series of orders in drawdown in a flat market and push it to a positive result. 


The system uses the following algorithms:

Take Profit in deposit currency, virtually implemented as a graphical line. 

Trailing stop (profit trailing) is implemented virtually, but a physical one can also be used by shifting it from the virtual trailing stop by a preset value. 

Accumulative profit buffer: suppose there is a series of orders that are in loss and the market is flat; if this option is enabled then all returns of a trade, or of a hedging module, or of partial closure of orders is stored in a global variable. After the profit obtained by different methods exceeds the loss of the series in a drawdown by a value specified in DefaultProfit, all orders of the series are closed with a loss, thus we take only the profit from DefaultProfit, while the money earned are spent to close this series of orders.

The last trail system actually means activation without loss of placed orders, the StartOrdLastTral parameter defines the order of the series, from which trailing without loss should be started.

Partial closing of drawdown lots: in a drawdown series, the last order hits profit, according to the method chosen of three available

  • If 0 - partial closure of orders is disabled
  • If 1 - partial closure of the nearest order
  • If 2 - partial closure of the farthest order
  • If 3 - partial closure of the nearest and the farthest order

The profit of the last order partially closes the lot in accordance with the selected method. Example: Method 1, the last 0.5 lot order hits profit and closes 0.1 losing lot of the previous 0.2 lot order, in the flat market, where the order is opened in the highest point, if profit is hit, closes part of losing lots of the series orders.

The order covering system is similar to partial order closure. The difference is that in this system you set the number of the order, from which it's operation starts. When the the order reaches the profit enough to cover the loss of the farthest order of the series + the preset % of target profit of the covering order, the system closes the orders, where the last order covers the loss of the first one and gains a little additional profit. Covering can be two-level when the last order covers the loss of the farthest one, and the last order and the last but one order reach profit and cover the loss of the farthest one, profit is calculated by the percentage of the last but one order.

The system of partial closure and cover does not trigger immediately when conditions are met, trailing of the systems is activated in the system, ans when price moves to the profit area, the trailing line follows it based on presets. reversal activates this or that block depending on the conditions.

Visual indication shows information about the current market situation, lot of orders and their direction, their profit/loss, distances to breakeven and to loss of deposit, as well as a profit unit that displays the profit/loss in currency/points by days, weeks, months, year. Showing spread and the current price of the currency pair.

Manual graphical trading panel, where you can place Buy and Sell orders, as well stop and limit orders. In the EA settings, the following data are set to be displayed in the panel: initial values of lot and distance for pending and limit orders followed by a list for selecting lot or distance. If a series of orders is closed by TP, the stop limit orders that have not triggered will be deleted.

The simplest method to use the assistant:

Suppose we have a series of 10 orders of different direction managed by an EA; some of them are at a loss. We understand that the algorithm of the EA cannot cope with the situation and the series of orders should be closed so that they do not reduce the deposit, but earn some money.

Attach Integra Module to another symbol chart with the same orders Magiс. Before that, try to simulate the same situation in the strategy tester, choose the appropriate parameters, so that the EA would start partial closure of losing orders and cover them at the slightest market movement. As a result of the cooperation of our Expert Advisor and the module, and additional use of the manual panel to place orders, in most cases you can reduce the lot of the loosing series and close it by Take Profit within 2-3 days.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 04:42 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Stars (40%) = Undecided (still testing)

3 Stars (60%) = Okay

4 Stars (80%) = Good

5 Stars (100%) = Excellente!