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Nonfarm Payrolls

Tired of the market? It always goes to unwanted direction? Don't let it control you money and behavior.

There is a way to make the market play by your own rules. Trading once in a month, you can easily get up to 20% profit. 

This Expert Advisor places 2 pending orders: Buy Stop and Sell Stop - according to the following rules:

  • calculates the lot size by GBPJPY considering the deposit currency and the balance (%);
  • places stops on the ask and bid; the open level is the minimum allowed by the specification +20 points in both directions;
  • places a take profit the specified number of points far from the open price.

1. 20 seconds before Nonfarm payrolls (USA) click the button once. The event is on the 1-st working Friday of the month at 12:30 GMT.

2. Approximately at 12:30:20 GMT delete the untriggered pending order. Wait for the Take Profit and close the open position during first two minutes. The profit is 20% from the entry price. Checked!

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