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Dear Traders, steal a glance at 10-year backtest screenshot. Unisoldier Silver is a robot I made based on my own unique Unisoldier algorithm. It includes Bill Williams Chaos trading elements and bases trades on non-speculative decisions. The robot does not focus on guessing price direction but on other market behavior elements to monetize the information avaiable in the algorithm.

Risk Management

There is no Take Profit. Stop Loss is very little / fixed by default, and carefully selected trailing stop is applied to every trade.

As a result, it shows 10+ years of profitable results on backtest, 10-year profit factor: 5.58, largest profit trade is 6x+ bigger than largest losing trade. Profit ratio is 77.05%. Average profit trade is 1.66+ times bigger than average losing trade. Maximum consecutive wins - 15 compared to max consecutive losses - 3. Average consecutive wins - 4 compared to average consecutive losses - 1.

What It's Not

  • This robot is not for USA accounts where OCO orders are not allowed, but USA citizens are still able to open accounts in some foreign brokerages.
  • It's not for every cheating broker you can find. You need a broker with good stable execution, as the robot catches big moves.
  • It's not a scalper, as you see from the backtest. Profits are far greater than losses. The robot tries to grab as much as possible from the move. It trades very rarely.
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