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This script converts the history file format to new a format that you need. You must know the source file format and target file format and set appropriate parameters.

For example, you download a history file from the Internet (your source file) and you need to import it to MetaTrader 4. You should know the format and structure of the history file downloaded. To know it, you can open the file with Windows Notepad software and also review history file of your broker. Then you must move your files to [your Metatrader4 directory]\MQL4\Files\ and then run script and set parameters at the end. Also you can copy or move a source file to a directory in [your MetaTrader 4 directory]\MQL4\Files\ address and define the target file in other directory at this address.

ConvertHistoryFormat Parameters:

  • SourceFileName - your history file name with its directory address for example "ForexTesterHistory\eurusd1.txt".
  • SourceFileDelimiter - Delimeter that define columns in source file. for example ",".
  • TargetFileName - your history file name with its directory address for example "Alpari\eurusd1.txt".
  • TargetFileDelimiter - Delimeter that define columns in target file.  for example ",".
  • NoOfColumns - Number of columns in source file.
  • SkipColumn - Which column must delete in target and it is not useable.
  • DateColumn - Date column number in source history file.
  • TimeColumn - Time column in source history file.
  • HaveHeader - if the source history file contains or not the header, set this parameter.
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