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Spike Catch for Boom and Crash


Spike Catch is programmed for catching spikes before they actually occur

where should the indicator be used??

The indicator should only be used for trading 

1. Boom 500 Index

2. Boom 1000 Index

3. Crash 500 Index

4. Crash 100 Index

what the indicator does??

The indicator, does not print anything on chart, however can be used to get trading signals via alerts on chart and also through push notification on your mobile phone

Additional settings to be done by the use

For the convenience of your eyes, please go ahead to add

1. 13 exponential moving averages on the main chart

2. 50 Exponential moving averages on the main chart

3. MACD at default

4. CCI at default (14 period)


The program works so fine, however your feedback, will help us to improve it more

so your feedback is appreciated


TZ Trade logics

email: tztradelogics@gmail.com

Telegram: @fx_trade_logic

calls: +255 766 988 200 (also available on telegram)

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Version 9.0 2020.09.17
Fixed signal filtering mechanism to increase acuracy
Version 8.0 2020.09.16
Fixes with this update
1.increased signal accuracy (for all signal types offered by this trading system)
2.Added one more signal type that can be traded with confidence
3.Changed dependency from CCI to RSI (our target is to increase signal accuracy)

Special for buyers,
If you have bought this program, you are eligible for premium services,
Kindly contact me through telegram

TZ Trade Logics (c) 2020
Telegram +255746006446

Version 7.0 2020.08.09
The Serengeti release have the following fixed and upgrades included

1.Fixed the issue where trade alerts for some pairs were not being detected
2. Added some user interface components for easier fine tuning this system to your preference
3. Added analysis mode, to help you visualise higher time frames, which controls the zone you are supposed to receive signals
4. Added variety of signal types you can receive
5. Added visual graphics of all used indicators
6. Added property displays where user can change the entire system look to either light or dark mode