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LineDraw Exclusive Robot

Our company presents a new forex-product - Graphical trading robot "Linedraw Exclusive Robot" to use on the forex market. The main advantage of our robot is that it does not matter where the market will go. The robot development took more than 2.5 years.

Features of the Trading Robot

  • Works on any kind of markets (commodity, stock, currency) and on any instrument.
  • Works in any country and with any broker.
  • Is a reliable and consistent standalone software! 
  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners with no trading experience.

Key Advantages of the EA

  • Work on almost any financial instruments.
  • Clear and definite logic of EA operation.
  • The robot successfully distinguishes orders and monitors only its own orders. You can trade manually on the same account, the Robot will not take your orders.
  • The robot works with any DCs, even with a mini account of 0.01 lot.
  • High-level system of protection against the flat! Now we are not afraid of flat!
  • Broker account selection system.
  • Breakeven system.
  • Includes smart artificial intelligence.
  • The robot can work against the market.
  • Easy system, no matter where the market will go.
  • A function for modifying stop loss and take profit.
  • Timer switch-on system (e.g. night tactics - set the time, and you can go to slip).
  • Multicurrency mode.
  • A system for moving positions to breakeven and an adjustable trailing stop.
  • Working with 4 and 5 digit quotes, both with fixed and floating spreads.
  • Fully automatic trading system.
  • Error detection system (repeated attempts to open or close an order in case of an error).
  • A system of slippage correction, high spread correction and protection.
  • Any currency pairs.
  • Hedging order in case the market turns.
  • A very powerful system of lot increase.
  • And much more... 

Description of the main Trading Robot parameters

Always use M1 timeframe!

  1. ExpertID - if many currencies are traded, each EA must have its own ID.
  2. Slippage - slippage in points.
  3. Broker5Digits - this is a function for 5-digit brokers - use true. Use false with 4-digit brokers.
  4. Cent - broker account control (true - cent account (0.01), false - dollar account (0.1).
  5. Revers - trade against the market, i.e. sell against buy and vice versa (true - on, false - off).
  6. TP, SL.
  7. SuperFeature - high-level flat protection system (true - enabled, false - disabled).
  8. NextOrderLevel - the distance in points for reversal.
  9. TrailingStop_Use - true - enabled, false - disabled.
  10. TrailingStopStart - the level to start trailing.
  11. TrailingStop - the size of trailing.
  12. BreakEven_Use - use of breakeven, true - enabled, false - disabled.
  13. BreakEvenStart - the level to start breakeven.
  14. BreakEvenLevel - points of breakeven.
  15. Close TimeWork - closing time, true-enable, false-disable.
  16. Close - when to close the EA's order.
  17. Clouse.Minute - the minutes when to close the EA's order.
  18. Razv.Work - reversal system, true - enabled, false - disabled.
  19. Razv.TP - take profit for reversal.
  20. Raz.SL- stop loss for reversal.
  21. Razv.SetLevel - reversal level from the price, i.e. 50 points below the order.
  22. TimeWork - this parameter is responsible for the work of the EA. If true, then the time system is enabled, if false, it is disabled.
  23. Start.Hour - set the start time EA operation in hours.
  24. Star.Minute - set the start time EA operation in minutes.
  25. End.Hour - set the work end in hours.
  26. End.Minute - set the work end in minutes.
  27. Lots.
  28. AddLots - lot increase system.
  29. LevelProfit - profit level, at which the lot will be increased or not, for example, use 5; if profit is less than 5 points, the lot increases by the addLots parameter.
  30. StopMaxLots - maximum lot, after which it will not be increased.

To use the fixed lot, for example, 0.01, you need to change the settings:

  • Lots = 0.01
  • AddLots = 0
  • StopMaxLots = 0.01

To use protection against flat, you need to change the following parameters:  

  • SuperFeature = true
  • NextOrderLevel from 1 to 5
  • SL= 0
  • Raz.SL = 0
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