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Alarm clock1

Alarm clock EA

When purchasing alarm clock EA, please pay attention to the following risks:

1) Past performance does not guarantee future profitability (EA may also cause losses).

2) Stop loss line will be touched due to unexpected news or flash. Stop loss will always be used in this strategy, but the execution of the stop price will still depend on your broker.

3) Scalping at night depends on a good brokerage environment, such as low spreads and slippage points, which can be worse for large volume transactions.

Analog panel signal:  https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/786402

In line: 7 straight currency and 21 cross currency pairs, gold and silver are used cautiously.

Time range: M15
Maximum loss in 16 year backtesting: $5 per $0.01
EA should run continuously on VPS (also on Friday night) to store historical data.

Since EA will trade around New York off time (18:00-21:00 New York time), the GMT in summer is different from that in winter (DST). But EA stores daylight saving time internally, so there is no need to manually adjust the transaction time.

When using alarm clock EA, please refer to the following suggestions:

1) The minimum deposit is $100.

2) Servers with VPS delay less than 500ms.

3) Brokers using low spread transaction costs, ECN accounts.

4) EA is closed in the event of major events, such as elections in the United States, Britain and Europe!


  • contact="-----qq:2463708223-----";
  • Starthour =21; //Start hours
  • Endhour =1;   //End hours
  • tpspot =500; //tp spot
  • slspot =500; //sl spot
  • tpmoney =10; //Active stop profit
  • fixLots=1;   //fixed lots
  • complex="-----Compound interest-----";
  • controlRisk=true;  //Compound switch
  • LostRisk=1;  //Risk ratio

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Version 2.0 2020.08.19
Alarm clock EA has been running successfully for one year, and has been adapting to the changes of the market.

Version 2.0 is mainly upgraded

1. More sensitive active profit and loss stop mechanism,

2. And made a buffer on the bill, used to deal with the sharp market, to ensure a better position.