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ATR Envelopes tfmt5

ATR Envelopes use a multiple of the Average True Range and add an upper envelope line and lower envelope line around a moving average. ATR Envelopes are also known as ATR Channels.

Typical use is to indicate when the price breaks out of the envelope as the ATR measures volatility. Way of the Turtle by Curtis Faith uses this type of indicator as it shows tests of an ATR Channel Breakout trend following system.

You can change the moving average period, the Average True Range period, and the number of ATR multiples. The inputs include:

  • MA_periods: The number of bars to use in the simple moving average based on the close
  • ATR_average: The number of bars to use in the Average True Range calculation
  • ATR_multiple: The multiplication factor to use in adding the upper and lower envelope lines around the moving average
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