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If you're interested in trading news you may heard of THG Straddle Trader Diamond and Straddle Trader Pro, I've used both of those and over time I came to conclusion to write my own because I often needed additional features to reduce slippage and increase stability. This robot is based on almost a year and half of experience and constant improvements, includes unique features I've never seen before nowhere and gives the greatest stability.

I remember I  traded NFP on Friday once with an initial Take Profit of 45 pips, After closing a trade I looked at history and profit remained 45 pips, I checked several times, no issues found price ran 45 pips in a few seconds and I got no slippage, the average slippage for my robot back then on NFP was 2-3 pips but I never had zero slippage before.

Additional features include:

  • 4 and 5 digit platform support
  • MT4 b600+ full compatibility
  • Breakeven
  • Trailing Stop
  • Broker Minimum Stop Level usage in order to avoid related errors
  • Broker Minimum and Maximum Lot size usage in order to avoid related errors
  • Risk Management
  • Special UNIQUE algorithm to exclude Pending Order rejections due to fast price movements - Never miss another trade
  • Special UNIQUE algorithm to minimize slippage
  • Free support and updates

And remember, you can get 10% of each sale by recommending this product to others!

2015.03.31 12:25 

I originally had troubles with this software, due to broker issues. It is now working well and the seller has been very helpful in answering my questions and assisting me with it. Overall when set up properly, it is a very profitable news trading expert

2014.11.28 09:43 

Ok no reviews so i will be first :) when you use EA correct it works, why 4 stars couse right now i earn only on one trade ( on real acc ) so i cant say something more but for right now EA is profitable i hope today will earn more

Version 5.18 - 2015.03.13
- Current calendar day recognition improvement in different timezones.
- Account Credit included in lot size calculation.
- Order identification improvement.
Version 5.17 - 2014.11.11
- Logo Updated
- Added Max_Spread parameter to filter maximum allowed spread before news release
- Remove_Pending_After_Seconds default value changed to 20 as it's most convenient on majority of brokers
Version 5.16 - 2014.09.30
Double Order Verification is added by Magic Number and Order Comment in order to avoid any type of interference from/to other robots.
Version 5.15 - 2014.08.12
Higher stability due to optimized default input parameters.
Version 5.14 - 2014.07.25
Minor improvements for slippage reduction.