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BuyLow designed to work with small deposits. It uses a trend strategy based on its own FourAverage indicator.

Additional information is available on the website (in Russian).

Trade Strategy

The trading robot uses BuyLow strategy. The system has an adaptive stop (not bound to the clear number of points) to manage losses allowing the system to remain efficient since 2000.

The EA tries to buy low and sell high. This leads to many small losses and large profitable trades. The system has been developed for EURUSD H1. However, it can be adapted for any financial instrument.

The main advantage of the system is small drawdowns allowing users to start trading with a small deposit. For example, the default settings allow you to trade having $70 on your account.

Testing Results

BuyLow with the initial deposit of $100 has shown $27 300 of profit in the strategy tester on EURUSD H1 from 01/01/2000 to 01/06/2014. The net profit for 14 testing years has comprised 27 300%, while the maximum drawdown was 50%.

You can receive similar data by downloading the demo version and testing it.

BuyLow EA

  • Shows great performance with any dealing center that works with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
  • Works well with both "Instant Execution" and "Market Execution" brokers (autodetection).
  • Automatically determines the number of digits in quotes and works with quotes that have any number of decimal places.
  • Resistant to a temporary loss of connection or a short-term computer shutdown. After starting the computer, the Expert Advisor will pick up its orders and continue trading steadily.
  • Always works only with its own orders even if you have decided to trade manually in parallel.


Trading Conditions

  • Trading terminal: MetaTrader 4.
  • Dealing center: any dealing center that supports working with MetaTrader 4.
  • Currency pair: any.
  • Timeframe: up to D1.
  • Minimum lot: 0.01. 
  • Leverage: 1:100 or higher.
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Version 1.8 - 2015.12.15
The menu of Expert Advisor parameters has become more convenient.
A new module of Excel reports has been added. Module description: http://excstrategy.ru/ru-ru/modul/reporttoexcel
Version 1.6 - 2014.10.20
Fixed errors in lot calculation
Version 1.5 - 2014.09.15
- Enhanced menu.
- Added TakeProfit parameter.
- Added Max test drowdown parameter - it limits drawdown during tests.