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1. KING of EURUSD allows trading on EURUSD only

2. The overall transaction volume is small. If you do not have enough patience, buy with caution

3. It is recommended to use "Automatic_Lisk_Control_Mode", which can be switched in the parameter setting (When this parameter is closed, the value of Fixed_Lot is used for fixed Lot transactions)

4. When setting parameters, if you use Automatic_Lisk_Control_Mode, the Lisk_Percentage parameter should not exceed 10

Parameter Description

Automatic_Lisk_Control_Mode: Risk self-control mode. When enabled, the EA will automatically control the risk value according to the Lisk_Parcentage parameter. When closed, it will perform fixed Lot trading based on the parameter value of Fixe_Lot (recommended to open)

Lisk_Percentage: set important parameters when Automatic_Lisk_Control_Mode is enabled, this parameter should not exceed 10, otherwise the risk will be too high

Fixed_Lot: When Automatic_Lisk_Control_Mode is turned off, use this parameter value for fixed Lot trading

buy_magic_number: multi-single encoding (if you don't understand, don't need to change, keep the default settings)

sell_magic_number: the number of the empty order (if you do n’t understand it, you do n’t need to change it, just keep the default setting)

StopLoss: Stop Loss Distance (pips)

TakeProfit: Take profit distance (pips)

TrailingPoint: Trailing Distance (pips)

EA Features

Low transaction volume

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I wish you a successful transaction.

szg000 2020.03.21 21:16   

He is a liar, and we will curse him

From January to March 2020, a total of one order took place. Time is from February 3 to February 11

Adjusting Lisk_Percentage to 20, the profit is 1169.91. Then adjust Lisk_Percentage to 10, and the profit is 576.19

However, the positions are the same, from February 3 to February 11

mbm100 2020.03.17 19:07 

Look likes it is scam.

After I see a real live signal at real account and real profit, I will change this review.

trade2309 2020.03.16 12:52 

The EA Is Perfekt in The Backtest, I hoppe the Same is in Real.

Unfortunately, a live signal is missing. I hope it will an online.

Only One Trade in Backtest This Year.

No Trade After BY

Version 2.6 2020.03.16
Fix lot bug
Version 2.5 2020.03.14
Modify font