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The Momentum

The Momentum is automated multi-currency trading system based on technical analysis using multiple timeframe. This method is designed to be a long-term winning strategy by generating consistent profit in every movement of the price. Trading logic is based on mathametics models to automatic adjust strategies according to market conditions. Trading signal is begin triggered by forecasting major trend and strength of momentum, but also avoiding to trade at high-risk market conditions.

  • Minimal deposit: 500 USD per currency pair
  • Hedging ECN account is recommended.
  • Timeframe does not matter.
  • No configuration required.
This is not just the EA but rather a complex research and development project with goal to better analysis and trading in any market conditions.

Key Features
  • Designed to be a long-term stability, and not overfit model. Real trade and backtesting results would be similar.
  • Advanced grid trading system with multiple timeframe analysis.
  • Fully optimized settings. Ready to use on any chart. Not broker sensitive.
  • Risk diversification by trading on 5 currency pairs simultaneusly.
  • Micro management for each currency pair for the best capital management performance.
  • Entry and exit points are mostly based on volatility based model calculation.
  • Volatility based model is also used to measuring risk for avoid trading at high-risk market conditions.
  • Smart loss recovery. Automatic adjust price levels to the current market conditions and build strategy to recovery the loss trades.
  • Dynamic entry levels is used to minimum drawdown by avoid trading against the major trend too much.
  • Dynamic target price levels is used to maximize profit by making larger profit while price movement is increasing.
  • Hedging strategy is used to trade in parallel to each other. (for hedging account only)
  • Emergency shutdown is smart shutdown system by attempt to recovery and close all loss trades before fully self-shutdown.

  • Trade on Pairs - the currency pairs to auto trading. (comma seperated)
  • Panel Theme - choose panel theme color "Light" or "Dark" mode.
  • Magic Number - identification number for trading system.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage limitation.
  • Maximum Spread - maximum spread limitation.
  • Capital Allocation - amount of money to trading. (set to zero to use all money)
  • Minimum Capital Required for a Pair - the minimal amount of money to trading for a pair.
  • Allow Hedging Strategy - to turn on / off parrallel trading mode.
  • Entry Offset - minimal range of price movement to entry trade after trading signal begin triggered.
  • Minimum Price Level - minimal price level to entry a new trade.
  • Maximum Open Trades - the number of positions that allow to trade per a basket.
  • Martingale Multipiler Value - a multipiler value to calculate lot size for next trades.
  • Dynamic Target Price Multipiler Value - a multipiler value to calculate target price levels.
  • Strategy Parameters - a set of strategy parameters for trading decisions (value must be between 0.00 to 1.00)
  • Emergency Shutdown - to turn on / off emergency shutdown mode.

Recommended Use
  • Default settings is always recommened.
  • Load the expert advisor on any timeframe or currency pairs. It does not matter.
  • Test on strategy tester or demo account first, do not use on real-money before you understand the risks.
  • On real-money account we highly recommend you to run on low-latency stable VPS.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Let's me know if you have any questions.

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Version 1.1 2020.03.25
Updated optimized parameters.