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FX Exploit Profit Hunter MT5

A unique product that has no analogues in the market - multicurrency trading expert, trading panel, ready-made trading system with the ability to trade both in manual and automatic modes is now available for the MT5 platform (MT4-version here)

Signals on MQL5: link


The multi-currency trading system FX Exploit is based on the concept of trading in wide flat, during low activity in the foreign exchange market. An active market is a market that is expanding, has a force directed movement. One currency is flowing into another. There can be strong trends. If market activity is low, we see a flat. Sometimes it's a wide flat.

The built-in monitor measures market activity for all 28 currency pairs and from 5 timeframes simultaneously.

Built-in signal indicator (FX Exploit Calm Trader) indicates Buy or Sell direction for making deals

  • Signal indicator uses daily timeframe (D1) to find reversal deals
  • The activity monitoring uses 5 timeframes from M5 to H4.

As a result, FX Exploit constantly scans the full currency market, but it is set to any timeframe of any currency pair. FX Exploit is used for trading only in the  quiet (calm) phase of the market.

Description and working principle on product page for MT4 and blogs: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

A list of all parameters and their description can be viewed here

I publish many examples on my page https://www.mql5.com/en/users/goldnmoney

It is necessary to have all 28 pairs in the market watch window. Select "Show all"!

Before using it on a real account, learn to use the Expert Advisor on a demo account!
The Expert Advisor does not work in the strategy tester due to the complexities of calculating built-in indicators - link
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Version 1.3 2020.04.25
Fixed an error when sending orders
Version 1.2 2020.04.18
Fixed an error with specifying lots for pairs with GBP currency
Version 1.1 2020.04.10
Improved basket and symbol order closing function, corrected errors
Fixed interface errors
Added new parameters to the settings
Added setting for break-even operation
Added button on the panel to enable/disable break-even operation
Added a separate lot job for currencies with GBP currency
Due to the update of the variable list in the settings, old set files may not work!