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AIOS Breakout

AIOS BREAKOUT - is a Expert Advisor based on breakout in London session every Monday when the market is forming.

The EA is mainly used for GBPJPY pair; anyway all parameters can be modified by user and can be also used for other pairs.


  • Traded day - user can choose traded day
  • Range from, range to - user can choose time from-to
  • break high, break low - user can choose how many pips will be added to the range
  • minimal range, maximal range - user can control range size
  • close order day, close order time - user can modify close day and time of trades
  • close in reverse - user can choose reverse function  - True/False
  • money management - There is auto money management system
  • traded lots - if auto MM system is off user can put traded lots
  • TP1, TP2 - user can choose size of TP1 and TP2
  • autostop loss,pips add to SL,Stop loss - user can modify stop losses in several options
  • trailing stop 1, trailing stop 2 - user can set trailing stops for position 1 and position 2
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