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SAR Trading Station

This is the full version of "SAR Trading Station"

SAR Trading Station is a semi-auto trading system based on Parabolic SAR and Stochastic etc, and trend driven swing trading strategy.

This is an agile platform allowing you to setup various parameters to optimize the specific symbol pair trading strategy for yourself!

Enquire email: info@startrading.com.au, Facebook:mengmeng_cn@hotmail.com

  • Risk(Max Loss$): : Default is 50, Max loss Per order(Position size is calculated by stop loss amount)
  • Round: Trading Rounds (1, 2, 3...9999)
  • BuyOrSell: Buy, Sell or No Trade (Buy, Sell, No Trade)
  • TimeFrame: Default 1 hour (1 Minute, 5 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 1 Hour, 4 Hours, 1 Day, 1 Week)
  • Volatility: Optimized Value is 1.25 (0.8-1.5, Stronger Trend With Bigger "Volatility" value)
  • Overbought: Optimized Value is Auto(79-90, Stronger Up Trend With Bigger "Overbought" value)
  • Oversold: Optimized Value is Auto(10-21, Stronger Down Trend With Smaller "Oversold" value)
  • EAStartMA1: 0=Not Using EMA (0-2000, buy/sell when Price is above/below EMA)
  • EA Start Price: If symbol pair price is bigger or less than the value of EAStartPrice in the future, the EA will start. Default is 0 (EA starts automatically)
  • EA Stop Price: If symbol pair price is bigger or less than the value of EAStopPrice in the future, the EA will stop. Default is 0 (EA will not stop automatically)
  • EA Stop If Consecutive Loss: Stop the EA if there was a certain number (X) of consecutive losses
  • Take-Profit Points: How many points you want to take profit.
  • Spread: 0=Current Spread (0-99999, spread of the symbol)
  • Close Loss Position At Weekend: Close all the loss position at Friday before market close.
  • Fibonacci Channel: Default is loading current time frame fibonacci channel. Load any other time frame fibonacci channel to current window.
  • Language: English or Chinese.
  • Ticket/-Magicnumber:positive value is Ticket Number which order you want monitor,negative value is magic number to identify the order.
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Version 14.10 2017.06.22
1. Fixed the bug of manual change the stop loss of the order, but not take effect
Version 14.0 2016.07.05
1. change the algorithm of over bought and over sold, now this 2 default parameters is setup to auto.
2. minor screen prompt display bug fixed.
Version 13.21 2016.06.29
1. fix screen display bug when input a float value of "Take-Profit Points" and negative value of "EA Start Price"
Version 13.20 2016.06.21
1. Change the input parameter algorithm: If you enter a decimal (0.01-4.99), represents the risk-benefit ratio (Take-profit Points / Risk)
2. EA Start Price: if input -10,represents 1 Level higher time frame support price, -100 represents 2 Level higher time frame support price.
Version 13.13 2016.03.25
1. Fixed the Mobile notification bug when open a position less than 3 mini lot
2. When EA Start Price is less than 0 (open position by Fibonacci channel), then EA will not use weekend and Monday trading algorithm.
Version 13.12 2016.02.01
1. Fixed the bug of the EA not running after server maintainance (Saturday)
2. Spread (input parameter) can be negative (will display the highest spread on the chart)
3. Added a new input parameter: +Ticket/-Magicnumber, a positive value is Ticket Number defining which order you want to monitor, while a negative value is a magic number to identify the order
Version 13.11 2015.12.22
1. change "max spread" algorthim
2. minor bug fix
Version 13.10 2015.12.16
Added screen prompt of max spread above/below bars
Version 13.0 2015.11.25
1.Remove "howmanyminlot" input parameters, replaced by "Risk(Max Loss$) parameters
2.change the trailing stop algorithm.
3.minor bug fixed.
Version 12.23 2015.11.06
1.Add Fibonacci Channel parameters,load any time-frame Fibonacci Channel
2.Optimize the trailing stop algorithm.
Version 12.22 2015.10.23
1.remove k37 input parameter
2.remove k1,k2,k3,k4
3.add fibonacci channel input parameter.
Version 12.20 2015.10.20
1. Added the new trailing stop algorithm for the value of take profit points (not equal to 0).
2. Added the new volatility calculation algorithm.
Version 12.12 2015.10.06
1.Optimize the algorithm of price "rocketing and plumping".
Version 12.11 2015.10.01
Bug fix, not start EA when input negative value of EAStartMA and EA Start Price
Version 12.1 2015.09.21
EastartPrice can be negative value, e.g. eastartprice=-3, the robot will open position when the price is close to the 3rd line of a Fibonacci channel (the robot can autoload the FiboChannel.csv file that is saved by my another free utility Save Fibonacci Channel To HDD - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/4786).
Version 12.0 2015.09.15
1. Added close loss position at weekend option
2. Added Chinese language support
3. Added take profit point parameter
4. Modified the screen display
5. Optimized the position closing algorithm
Version 11.83 2015.09.03
1.modify the EAStartEMA1 algorithm,input negative value will buy or sell only when the price is close to EMA.
Version 11.82 2015.08.26
1. Removed k1 parameter, K2 is changed to volatility, k3 is changed to Overbought, k4 is changed to Oversold.
2. Added the "EA Stop Price" parameter: if the pair price is bigger or less than the value of "EA Stop Price" in the future, the EA will start. Default is 0 (EA will not stop automatically)
3. Minor bug fix.
Version 11.81 2015.08.14
1.updated the slippage stratergy
Version 11.80 2015.08.07
Added the slippage trading strategy
Version 11.70 2015.07.31
1.critical bug fix
Version 11.60 2015.07.29
1.Added and changed some screen prompts.
2.Minor bug fixed.
3.Optimized algorithm.
Version 11.50 2015.07.22
1.fix bug of order close on Friday
2.fix bug of notification
3.optimized algorithm
Version 11.40 2015.07.16
1. Notification about an open order, a close order, and trailing stop
2. Optimized algorithm
Version 11.30 2015.07.09
1. Added new input parameters "Stop EA If Consective Lost"
2. Added screen prompt of "EAStartPrice"
3. Decreased alert frequency
4. Optimized the algorithm
Version 11.20 2015.06.17
Fixed a minor bug in the trailing stop algorithm, which could cause incorrect stop loss calculation.
Version 11.10 2015.06.10
1.Optimized the parameters of 1 hour timeframe
2.No trading when free margin is low
3.Added new input parameters "EAStartPrice", if symbol pair price is bigger or less than the value of EAStartPrice in the future, the EA will start. Default is 0 (EA starts automatically)
Version 11.0 2015.05.29
1. Optimized parameters
2. Some minor bug fixes
Version 10.0 2015.04.29
1. Optimized the algorithm, fixed some minor bugs
2. Changed the default trading timeframe to H1
3. Changed the optimized K3 value to 85, changed the optimized K4 value to 15
Version 9.0 2015.01.13
1.simplify the parameters
2.optimize the algorithm

HowManyMinLot: Default is 2,Trading with Howmany Mini lots (2,4,6...100)
Round: Trading Rounds(1,2,3...9999)
BuyOrSell: Long,Short or No Trading(1=Buy,-1=Sell,0=No Trading)
TimeFrame: default trading at 5 minutes timeframe(1=1 minutes,60=1 hour,4=4 hours,24=1 Day,7=1 Week)
k1=0.6: The Optimized K1 Value is 0.6,(0.1-1,Stronger Trend With Bigger K1 value)
k2: The Optimized K2 Value is 1.25,(0.5-1.5,Stronger Trend With Bigger K2)
k3: The Optimized K3 Value is 93 (80-100,Stronger Trend With Bigger K3 value,It only affect BuyOrSell==1)
k4: The Optimized K4 Value is 7 (0-30,Stronger Trend With Smaller K4 value,It only affect BuyOrSell==-1)
Version 8.0 2014.08.27
Optimized the algorithm of calculating Support and Resistance.
Version 7.0 2014.07.24
1. Optimized the algorithm of calculating Support and Resistance. Improved strategy test result, fixed some bugs lead to being unable to find the Support or Resistance.
2. Added new parameter "SupResLevel". The EA automatically draws 5 different Support and Resistance levels. Default value is 0.
Version 6.0 2014.07.14
1. Even if the buying or selling condition is met, if the the spread is much higher than normal, the EA will not open the position till the spread drops to normal.
2. Optimized the algorithm of calculating Support and Resistance. Impoved strategy test results.
3. Optimized volume check logic.
4. Fixed some screen prompt bug when BuyOrSell is 1,-1.
Version 5.0 2014.07.10
1. Removed "LocalEndHour" and "LocalEndMin" parameters, replaced by "DurationMinutes".
2. Optimized the algorithm of calculating both Support and Resistance. Improved strategy test results.
Version 4.0 2014.07.08
1. Now when CheckTradingTime=1,start time and end time is changed from server time to your local computer time.
2. Added "DaysOfRepeat" parameter. When CheckTradingTime=1, you can setup how many days after to trade next time, '0' only trade once, '1' trade every day at fixed time, '2' every 2 days.....'7' - trade every week at fixed time.
3. Now, using the optimized algorithm, the EA will automatically calculate both support and resistance at the initial period.
Version 3.0 2014.07.04
1. Now when CheckTradingTime==1, after the user sets up the trading start and end time, a vertical line and screen prompt will be displayed.
2. If user disables live trading, it will alert when trading.
3. Now It works with my another free script SaveFC - when you save Fibonacci channel to the hdd, it will auto save the stoploss file to the hdd (the stoploss data is calculated from Fibonacci channel).
Version 2.0 2014.07.01
1. Removed some unnecessary statements - unnecessary "Reverse information" was displayed on the screen.
2. All the checks (trailing stop, volume) are now made every tick (in previous version - once a minute).