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The reversing Expert Advisor FORTS MAX is designed specially for trading futures contracts on FORTS. Its trading algorithms are based on the original methods of price dynamics analysis and the specifics of the Russian market.

The main feature of this EA is the use of reverse trading technique, reverting a position and taking into account the free margin. Before reverting a deal, it closes the current position, and opens a new one only after margin is released.

The FORTS MAX Expert Advisor uses the popular classic trading tactics based on the intersection of two moving averages with different averaging periods, allowing you to use it on small timeframes for a more accurate market entry. This tactic allows you to always be in the market - it eliminates the likelihood of missing a major move in the market.

Compared to standard EAs based on the intersection of two moving averages, it shows an excellent result for minor adjustments of input parameters.

You can continually improve the trading result by optimizing the parameters of moving averages for the changing nature of the market. Despite the fact that the trend indicator is used, the EA can trade successfully during flat, if you set appropriate parameters of moving averages and timeframe.

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Version 2.0 - 2016.01.08
Changed the money management system from "Fixed lot" to "Fixed leverage". The robot supports the amount of contracts corresponding to the symbol's current price and specified leverage. If a negative value is set, a fixed amount of contracts is used.