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Taolishen EA

EA TRADING DEMO: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/696833

about the author

I think there are huge risks to trading without EA. Because of fear or greed, we lose our best trading position. But...If the EA doesn't have judgment, the EA puts us at even greater risk.

About EA

EA is able to automatically identify indicators data to analyze future market changes, according to the judge to make trading behavior, and we can choose their own familiar indicators, but also can be designated after the region, develop a variety of trading strategies to reduce our trading risk, to achieve a stable profit.


we can use a variety of metrics or our set location areas and our hand-defined trendlines as a guide to EA trading, just as we analyze market changes in real time. This kind of analytical judgment ability, has such judgment EA, on the market is extremely rare.

User manual

EA has a variety of trading strategies that require our guidance.

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Version 1.38 2020.02.28
Version 1.37 2020.02.26
Version 1.36 2020.02.25
Version 1.35 2020.02.19
Version 1.33 2020.02.14