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Rebate Killer


Rebate Killer is a system that uses mathematic conditions in combination with three indicators ,to produce many trades with as good as it gets entries.

It is a tool for rebate and not ONLY as except the rebate you can grow also your capital.

*****BEFORE USING FOR TEST OR LIVE , you must change both inputs CompareCount from 5 to at least 20 !!!


  • 5M Chart
  • Different magic number
  • Any pair
  • 1500$ capital. (REBATE needs Balance.)


ProfitAmountPips:The TP in pips.(One for sell and one for buy)

SeqBaseLots:Starting lot .(one for buy and one for sell.)

SeqOnLoss:Lotsize multiplier. (one for buy and one for sell.)   ***YOU CAN ADD OR CHANGE THE numbers as you wish.

VolumeUpperLimit:Max Lot size of a position.(one for buy and one for sell.)

RangePips:Distance between trades.(one for buy and one for sell.)

USE VISUALISATION TESTING in order to see the strategy behind.

DUE TO HUNDRENDS of trades,test will be slow.

9080 colin
9080 colin 2020.02.28 01:32 

Big Risk Rubbish! Dont Buy

Version 1.3 2020.02.11
Bug fixed
Version 1.2 2020.02.11
One more big upgrade after some good points from users.
Version 1.1 2020.02.10
Extra condition added for better trades.