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Holy Grail Deep Neural Network Recurrent

The Expert Advisor: is a complex of neural networks, based on a new type of perceptron: bi-directional perceptron. These scan the market in all time frames, and send information to the network, so that it makes the decision to open operations.
Time frame: 4 H.

Minimum Laverage: 1:1
The expert works like the big operators, opens operations that can last more than a day, because he predicts where the price will go. So it doesn't matter the slippage, nor the spread. The vps should not have cuts. It is not recommended to close operations manually.

It is not necessary to optimize it.  The best pair to use is the EURUSD, in 4 Hours. The profit factor: 19.

All the analyzes that are exposed have been done that are shown in the different pairs, they were performed: tick to tick 99%, using Darwinex data, using data suite, with variable spread, and with contemplated slippage.

for cryptocurrencies, and energy pairs,

UseFiveDigits = false. (Use only if the asset is 2 or 4 digits.)

For having completed 6 months in mql5: offer to rent for a week: 1 month 300 dollars, 3 months: 600 dollars.

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Version 8.5 2020.08.24
neuron update: SL.
Version 8.2 2020.08.17
This new version has as additions new internal perceptrons, and a comprehensive redesign of the Ea.
Version 7.7 2020.08.03
The new update, is based on allowing the use in Brokers without leverage, that is to say it can be used from 0 onwards.
You should put the name of the pair with the initials that it indicates is indicated in the Ea options, for example EURUSD (default)
Regarding the BTCUSD and the XAUUSD pair, see in your broker that these are without 5 digits, if they are 2, you should place false in this option.
Use at 4H. Don't scalper, so any vps can be used, no matter the latency.
Version 7.2 2020.07.02
The AUDUSD pair has been added, and new parameters to analyze the market, related to the pandemic, have been loaded into the Ea.
Version 7.1 2020.06.23
Recurrent neurons have been increased, momentum and stoclastic neurons have been added.
Version 6.43 2020.04.20
This version contains improvements in learning, emphasis was placed in the last 2 years, operational, according to verified 100% records, of first-line brokers.
Version 6.35 2020.03.26
Stop adjustments have been made.
Use for live account: EURUSD
The other pairs work well in times of low volatility.
Use them on demo account, and write the results.
The bactest tick by tick works well on all the pairs studied, but in real account they have not been tested. Only the EURUSD pair.
Version 6.33 2020.03.25
The version is available free for sales operations for 24 hours.
Version 6.32 2020.03.22
The oil corrected.-
Version 6.0 2020.03.21
The development of the recurrent neural network is finished, the main part of the brain is based on ichimoku, associated with macd, which allows a significant improvement in effectiveness and a super extraordinary increase in the gain factor. The sensory analysis of the pairs is completed with the bidirectional perceptrons indicated in the expert.
Use this Ea in 4 hours.
The forex, metal, and cryptocurrency pairs you can use are listed.
Indicate below these three rows of details, the torque to use to trade.
Use a graph for each pair (that you prefer) in a 4-hour period.
Regarding the pairs to use, it is always safer to use the larger pairs, and related to the US dollar, which are the least manipulable, and those with the highest operable volume. The expert can fix the spread problem, and the spread problem, so use a vps that doesn't cut, but doesn't necessarily have to be fast.
It is not necessary that you optimize the pair, the expert will do it internally.
But it is not recommended to use other pairs than those indicated, since the expert's learning was done only in these pairs, and in 4 hours.
Version 2.0 2020.02.12
Se agrego el stop loss, y take profit, como seguro a lo que la red estime.
Se entreno a la red desde mayo de 2003 a la fecha para el par: EURUSD, time frame: 4 H, lograndose una mayor consistencia y seguridad.
El backtestig a futuro, se comporto en forma robusta (durante 7 años). El Ea se optimizo hasta 2013, y desde alli, se hizo un bactesting en 4 h, tick a tick, con spread variable, y sleep de 100 a 200 mseg, manuntuvo un rango de utilidades sin caerse en ningun momento, resultado su operativa a priori, muy consistente.