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EA Pending order Spider

EA Pending order Spider places BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP pending orders or the grid of pending orders (Setka parameter) at the specified distance or at the distance equal to the arithmetic mean value of the last bars' height (or at the minimum allowed distance) from the current price. The Expert Advisor places orders within the specified number of seconds before candle closing (TimeStart parameter) and removes non-activated orders within the specified number of seconds after a new candle is opened (TimeEnd parameter).

The product works on any currency pairs and periods. Pending orders are placed with a preset StopLoss and TakeProfit (the corresponding parameter is disabled when equal to zero). The time filter can work round-the-clock or by trade sessions (HourStart - hour when the Expert Advisor starts placing orders and HourEnd - hour when the Expert Advisor stops). Once one of the pending orders becomes a market one, the opposite pending order increases the volume (Q parameter).

Order closing:

  1. TakeProfit 
  2. Profit (set percentage from the total profit balance)
  3. LossControl (StopLoss is moved as soon as possible if the trade profit is not negative)
  4. TrailingStop

The product is most suitable for the following strategy: the Expert Advisor is applied to M5 or M15 charts of several currency pairs (each pair's parameters for the last two weeks are optimized). 


  • PERIOD - the Expert Advisor's working timeframe.
  • FixLot - fixed lot; if 0, a lot size is calculated by Risk.
  • RISK - risk size in % from the deposit (from 0 to 100).
  • Magic - the Expert Advisor's order and position IDs.
  • HourStart - the hour when the Expert Advisor starts placing orders.
  • HourEnd - the hour when the Expert Advisor stops placing orders.
  • Q - increasing volume ratio of the pending order opposite to the market one.
  • Profit - percentage from the total profit balance.
  • Setka - if true, the grid of pending orders is placed in both directions; if false, only two pending orders are placed.
  • Maxi - additional number of BuyStop or SellStop pending orders.
  • Step - number of points between the orders.
  • K - increasing volume ratio of each subsequent pending order depending on the previous one.
  • StopLoss - stop loss size (0 - disabled).
  • TakeProfit - take profit size (0 - disabled).
  • DeltaPips - the distance from the current price, at which a pending order is placed; if 0, distance calculation is performed from the price using DeltaBar.
  • DeltaBar - the number of the last bars for calculation of the arithmetic mean value used to shift from the current price.
  • TimeStart - number of seconds before a candle closure when the Expert Advisor places orders.
  • TimeEnd - number of seconds that should pass from the moment a new candle opens, after which non-activated orders are removed.
  • LossControl - moving StopLoss (if the trade profit is not negative) as soon as possible (false - disabled).
  • BUStart - profit in points for moving StopLoss.
  • sizeBU - break-even size in points.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • TralTime - the seconds blocking trailing stop operation (0 - disabled).
  • TrailingStart - profit size for beginning TrailingStop (in points).
  • TrailingDist - TrailingStop distance from the current price (in points).
  • TrailingStep - TrailingStop step (in points).
  • Commentary - comments in Experts tab.
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