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TradeChaos info

The indicator analyzes the quotes by the list of currency pairs and timeframes configured in the settings and displays main signals for trading based on Trading Chaos strategy on the chart in tabular form. With this indicator, you do not need to search and subscribe to trading signals. The product informs about signal level breakthroughs in real time via email. The main objective of the indicator is searching for "Three Wise Men" trading signals, divergences, beginning of zoning, "Saucer" and "Crossing АО Zero Line" signals, two types of "Blue Light" signals on dozens of symbols and timeframes simultaneously.

In the indicator's input settings, you can set the list of currency pairs and timeframes used while the indicator monitors the charts for trading signals.

If trading signals are detected, the indicator displays the table containing the appropriate timeframes and currency pairs.

The green circle in the table stands for a bullish trading signal, while the red one means a bearish one. After viewing the results in the table or receiving a trading signal via email, you can quickly define a suitable timeframe and a symbol. The settings allow configuring audio and visual signal alerts. The further analysis is performed directly on the chart containing the signal.

Trading signal columns and their description:

  1. 1stWiseMan - "First Wise Man" signal, bullish (bearish) divergent bar (BDB) with angulation, including SQUAT bars. This is the first-ever formalization and implementation of the concept of angulation in MT5. The search for reversal bars is based on robust algorithms. You will always get a signal on the forming SQUAT bar with signs of reversal, as such bars can reverse the market in 85% of cases. However, not every SQUAT bar is a reversal one.
  2. 2ndWiseMan/BLS - "Second Wise Man" signal. “Blue Light Special” signal is an improved "Second Wise Man".
  3. 3rdWiseMan - "Third Wise Man" signal is a formation and breakout of the "important" fractal. The Expert Advisor identifies important fractals lying outside the Alligator's jaws using reliable algorithms. A fractal breakout is considered to be the start of a directed impulse wave.
  4. AO-Diver - Awesome Oscillator histogram divergence signal.
  5. BW-Zone - zoning beginning signal.
  6. Saucer - "Saucer" buy and sell signals. This signal indicates the transition of a currency pair in a directed motion after a period of correction presumably into the third wave or a wave C.
  7. Cross is a signal of Awesome Oscillator histogram crossing the zero line. "Blue Light Special” is an improved signal of such crossing.

Trading signals in the table are synchronized with signal labeling by the following specialized indicators:

The full set of indicators forms the trading system based on Bill Williams' Trading Chaos strategy for МТ4 platform.

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