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Super Moskit

The Expert Advisor is a great "friend" for beginners. It trades automatically without stop weekly profiting from the market. It trades well with a close Stop Loss = 350pp (5 digits). You do not have to analyze the market when using this Expert Advisor - it automatically calculates the market to find favorable moments for trading. Stop loss will protect your account from crisis situations in the market.

Advisor automatically reinvests, increasing lot depending on the growth of your deposit. It also automatically resizes averaging -TakeFulls, depending on the number of open trades. Thus it reduces the load on the deposit and increases profitability.

Before testing and trading, make sure that Martingeil = True.

The EA price foor the first five customers is 200.

The price will then increase to 500 credits!

For technical analysis it uses Stochastic Oscillator and MACD, which simultaneously read multiple timeframes M5, M15, M15, H1. The set of timeframes used can be changed. The default settings are appropriate for EURUSD with timeframe M5 and M15.

General Recommendations

  • Default Expert Advisor settings are designed for working with $300 deposit (cent) on EURUSD.
  • The Expert Advisor is set for a 5-digit broker.

Input Parameters

  • Martingale=true - enable the martingale mode.
  • Comment_Averaging="Averaging settings." - settings of averaging.
  • StopFull=10000 - averaging in a total loss.
  • TakeFulls=90 - averaging in a total profit.
  • DEPOZIT=3000 - size of initial deposit.
  • Comment_TimeFrame="To choose timeframe for the analysis.".
  • TimeFrame1=5 - M5.
  • TimeFrame2=15 - M15
  • TimeFrame3=15 - M15.
  • TimeFrame4=60 - H1
  • MACD="MACD indicator settings".
  • MACDEMA1=12 - Fast EMA.
  • MACDEMA2=26 - Slow EMA.
  • Stochastic="Stochastic indicator settings".
  • K=7 - calculation period of the main oscillator line.
  • D=7 - averaging period of the main oscillator line.
  • slowing=4 - period of slowing.
  • StopLoss=350.
  • MultiplicftionLots=3 - lot multiplier for martingale.
  • Lot=0.1 - initial lot.
  • MaximalLot=3 - maximum allowed lot.
  • TakeProfit=200.0.
  • LevelStopMartingale=35 - level to stop martingale orders (percent of drawdown).
  • StepOrders=50.0 - step of orders for martingale.
  • QuantityOrders=10 - number of orders.
  • Equity="Restriction of losses." - restriction of losses by equity.
  • EquityStopping=False - if "True"- stop by the equity level is on. "False"- off.
  • TotalEquityRisk=20.0 - equity level to close losses.
  • MagicNumber=2014 - identifier of the orders.
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