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Pepper MT5

Dear friends, I present my Mr.Pepper EA created on TradeFields technology. 
This is a multi-currency multi-timeframe EA that uses many strategies with various TA indicators - MovingAverage, MACD, OsMA, 
StdDev, Stochastic, CCI, RSI, RVI, ADX, DeMarker, Enveloipes Force Index, Momentum, SAR, WPR etc... and Machine Learning, it's all pre-optimized, fully automated and vary covertly under cut.

EA contains following input parameters:

  • List of Tradefields (Tradefields) - is trade fields list commas separated, default empty string;
  • Lots Multiplier (MultiLots) - is a multiplication size factor for grid lots, default 0.0;
  • TakeProfit (TakeProfit) - is orders take profit, default 500;
  • StopLoss (StopLoss) - is orders stop loss, default 500;
  • Trailing Stop (TrailingStops) - is orders trailing stops , default 100;
  • Spread (MaxSpread) - is maximal spread, default 50;
  • Positions (MaxPositions) - is limit to max positions? default 50;
  • Indicator Filter (Indicator) - is the indicator used, default Candlestick Pattern;
  • PlayMonday,PlayTuesday,PlayWednesday,PlayThursday,PlayFriday - is time to play on weekdays, default "00:00-24:00";
  • PlaySaturday, PlaySunday - is time to play on weekend, default empty string;
  • Magic (Magic) - is orders magic number, default 7777779;
  • Comments (Comments) - is orders comments, default empty string;

By default, the List of Tradefields is empty and if you don’t define anything there, trade field formed automatically on mini-lot with symbol and timeframe which are selected to run the   EA in the Tester or on the Terminal chart.

You can define trade fields by specifying the size of the lot with the symbol and timeframe colon separated, for example 1.0:EURUSD:H1 or 0.01:GBPUSD:M1Lot can be defined as percent from deposit for example 1%:EURUSD:H1All work trade field are visualized on screen (See Screenshot)

The EA is recommended to be used AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, CADJPY , CADCHF, EURGBP, EURAUD, AUDCHF on Hedge Accounts with a leverage of 1:100 or more.

Consider the fact that the EA uses a neural network and machine learning on historical data, so in training time intervals the trading results can be excessively good. But this should not be guided by and always check the  EA for forward trading, because the market is constantly changing and the results may be different.

You can try to adapt EA to for any symbols, timeframes, specific conditions and data of your brokers using auto optimization.

Auto optimization is enabled or disabled using the new setting - flag Auto Optimization. If this flag is true, then after the usual EA run in the Tester, a special file will be created in the folder:  Disk:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Common\Mr.Pepper on your computer.

This file is available in all MT4 and MT5 terminals only on the current computer, for transfer it can be manually copied to another computer or VPS.

Until this file is not deleted by you, it will always be automatically opened and used every time the EA is launched in the tester or on the chart.

Ivan Vasilev
Ivan Vasilev 2020.01.19 14:16 

I hired EA for a month. I really like how this EA works. After many tests, I got to good settings, leading to very good results. Thank you for your work!

Patrice Pat
Patrice Pat 2020.01.14 19:06   

Hi ,

just rent your EA for 1 month

Backtests was wonderful

Thanks for all


M.Husam 2020.01.13 20:10 

So far so good, EA profitable since 09.01 for EURUSD in real account and an amazing support from its author ! Notice that I'm still using the first version of the product without auto-optimization. Thank you for your work !

Edit : 21/01 EA reacts bad to news announcement, use carefully

Cayetano285 Martin
Cayetano285 Martin 2020.01.09 13:33 

En back testing EURUSD y GBPUSD resultados rozando la PERFECCION ...timeframe 1H y 30M. Se realiza prueba en demo no coincidiendo los resultados del backtesting por fallo mio, ya que no cargue adecuadamente los datos anteriores de los pares, siento mi torpeza. Se realiza prueba en REAL solo en GBPUSD 30M despues de cargar los datos adecuadamente.... informo al mes.

Version 2.70 2020.01.20
Optimization update
Version 2.65 2020.01.15
Corrected work with the grid of orders and optimization
Version 2.60 2020.01.09
Added auto optimization