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Profit Hunt

Profit Hunt uses intra-range trading strategy in the Asian session. The EA opens an order at the place of the most probable price rollback from the borders of the price range.

The expert is fully automated and should be turned on 24 hours a day for full-fledged work, so we recommend using a VPS server that will ensure uninterrupted round-the-clock expert work.

Expert Advisor standard settings optimized for trading on EURCHF on the M30 timeframe. We managed to get the best results using the currency pairs EURCHF, USDCHF, GBPCHF.

ATTENTION! Advisor trades at a strictly specified time GMT. The adviser determines the offset according to GMT automatically, according to the time zone of your broker.

In the strategy testing mode, the adviser determines the GMT offset according to the settings of the time zone of your computer (VPS server). If the settings of the time zone of your computer differ from the time on the broker's server, it is recommended to set the GMT parameter in manual mode, for this, set the AutoGMTOffset parameter to false, and set the GMTOffset parameter to the offset in your broker’s GMT (ie if GMT + 3, then put 3, if GMT -2, then put -2, respectively)

Live Monitoring Myfxbook:


Profit Hunt test results on MYFXBOOK (EURCHF):


Profit Hunt test results on MYFXBOOK (USDCHF):



Platform: MT4

Timeframe: M30

Currency: EURCHF, USDCHF, GBPCHF (others after optimization)

Type: Scalping

Trading time: defined in the expert parameters

Minimum deposit: $ 100


- does not use dangerous martingale or grid strategies

- fixed stop loss to control the maximum level of risk per trade

- automatically reinvests earned profit for use in trading

- a small number of losing trades in relation to profitable trades

- fully automated


Lots - fixed lot of the placed order (works if the parameter Risk = 0);

Risk - automatically calculates the volume of the opened position in proportion to the size of the deposit;

StopLoss - stop loss;

TakeProfit - take profit (if parameter = 0, then the take is set automatically, according to the advisor’s strategy);

Distance - the width of the range, the price output for which is a trigger for opening a position;

StartHour - start time of the trade;

EndHour - time to end the trade;

AutoGMTOffset - the expert automatically determines GMT deviations on your broker's server;

GMTOffset - Manual setting of GMT deviation on the server of your broker (works if AutoGMTOffset = "False");

MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread for opening a position;

PositionClosingTime - closing all open orders in time, regardless of the result;

PositionClosingHour- the hour of closing all open orders;

Magic - the magic number that the adviser assigns to its orders. 

Natasha Diedericks
Natasha Diedericks 2020.07.02 19:40   

Thanks. Need to do more testing.

carlo734 2020.05.13 15:57 

super fast and helpful author

Yipeng Zhang
Yipeng Zhang 2020.04.26 05:06 

Waste of money

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2020.03.06 00:31 

12 March 2020: I am ceasing use. Two trades and all profits are wiped.


5 March 2020: I only began testing Demo yesterday, but so far all appears well. Seven trades closed in profit (7/7) for 6% gain, compared to developer's signal of only 4 trades (developer only trading EURCHF).

Current open trades in 1% drawdown.

4/5 Stars as it is too early to give 5 Stars.

Albert Kuipers
Albert Kuipers 2020.02.06 21:28 

Super Forex robot i have the same trades, most of my trades are better.... Thanks for this master work i give 5 stars

Version 3.50 2020.05.11
Upgraded version for the current forex market
Version 3.30 2020.05.10
Fully upgraded version of the adviser for the current market conditions
Version 3.0 2020.05.09
improved advisor version
Version 2.30 2020.02.21
A virtual take profit was added taking into account the spread adjustment.
Version 2.20 2020.02.21
Added virtual take profit taking into account spread adjustments
Version 2.10 2020.01.29
Added manual GMT setting
Version 2.0 2020.01.23
Полностью переработана логика советника.