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Holiday Trader

Holiday Trader EA

Holiday Trader is a grid system with adjustable grid size and with different trading modes for safe and smooth operation. It takes advantage of the fluctuating and retracing movements on any pairs. Recommended time frame is M15, however it will work on any time frame since it monitors the pip distance instead of the time.

WARNING: we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you to use it on volatile and trending pairs like, for example, GBPAUD or EURAUD or during high volatility news.

Trading Style - choose between 5 levels of trading style according to your risk appetite and the chosen currency pair (for example use Very Conservative for more volatile pairs).

  • Very Conservative
  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive
  • Very Aggressive

Initial PT - set the initial profit target in pips for the counter trade (recommended: 50).

Steps - set the size of the grid in pips (for example 10 for flat pairs, and 30 or even 50 for more volatile pairs).

Stop Loss Limit - set the stop loss limit in dollar value (or in your base currency if it's not dollar). Stop Loss is just a "safety net". With appropriate settings, Stop Loss would never be hit.

Slippage - built in technical protection against slippage, do not modify it.

Magic Number - unique id numbers for the trades to recognize them. Always use 6 digit numbers that is unique for each pair.

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Version 2.20 - 2014.06.02
Improved trading algorithm and money management.

3 new Inputs:
- StartTime: EA only opens new trades after this time.
- FinishTime: EA only opens new trades before this time.
- SpikeProtection: EA only opens new trades when the spread (in pips) is lower than this value (maximum spread - it is important during high impact news).