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Super Six EA

This EA has 6 basic tools needed for any manual trader. It also contains lot of other features for easy and quick trading.

Thry FREE Version of this product at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/44479 which works only for GBPUSD, GBPAUD, GBPNZD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF and GBPJPY only.  

Buy and Sell buttons place respective orders of lot size mentioned in between them. Its a edit box, so you can directly enter lot size of your choice. You can also click any of the 15 buttons right below them to change the current lot size. You can customize lotsizes in input section.

Buttons with text M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN open corresponding time frame chart of current symbol, when clicked.

Below them are 28 buttons with all major and cross pairs name on them. Click on them to set the current chart to particular Forex Pair.

Moreover, you must add suffix entry in input section, if your broker and your trading symbols have suffix to their common name.

1. Market Watch

It displays several texts in the following order for different currency pairs.

Symbol Name - Current Price - Spread - Open Price -  High Price - Low Price - Range in Pips - Gain in Pips

2. Multi Trends

Clicking on TREND button displays whether the candle of a currency pair is bearish or bullish in different timeframes. They are updated automatically. The up arrow means the bullish candle in corresponding timeframe. Similarly, down arrow for bearish candle. And 15 timeframes are also covered as shown in the screenshots.

3. News Trading

There are 4 columns in the order,  Lot - Pair - "-VE" - "+VE"  .

For Example, Suppose we are trading a USD Positive News. Before or immediately after the news, we should select the pairing currencies from the second column. The selected currencies color will change. On Left to them, you can assign corresponding lotsizes to be traded. If the US news is positive, then click "USD+" button.

If we select EUR and GBP as pairing currencies, 2 sell orders will be placed with single click. One on EURUSD and the other on GBPUSD. Similarly, you can trade other high impact currency news.

4. Multi Signal

This is based on the below Support & Resistance Tool. The "BUY" text means the current price is below the support line of corresponding timeframe. Similarly, "SELL" text for the resistance line.  They are updated automatically.

5. Support & Resistance

Prices moves in waves, and in different form in different timeframes. It displays 2 horizontal lines per timeframe (one for resistance and the other for support). These line positions are calculated based on the wave width in particular timeframes.

These set of lines are calculated and displayed for 5 timeframes. The style of these lines cannot be changed, as they are designed so to differentiate from the other timeframe resistance and support lines. As per default setting, red color lines are resistance lines and the green colored ones are support lines. The following styles are used for corresponding timeframes,

M5 timeframe - Dashed  Line

M15 timeframe - Dash-Dot Line

M30 timeframe - Dash - Two Points  Line

H1 timeframe - Dashed  Line

H4 timeframe - Solid  Line

6. High and Low Alert

Clicking on "Hi" and "Lo" buttons will display 2 draggable horizontal lines. If the current price of the symbol goes above the high alert horizontal line, an alert message will be played. Similarly for Low Alert.

Use the HIDE button to make graphical objects of different tools invisible.

Balance, Equity and current profit are also displayed on the right side of the chart.

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