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This Expert Advisor is designed to trade GBPUSD. It works with the H1 chart, but you can place it on any time interval.

The EA trades long after a sharp fall and a reversal. By default, it uses 0.1 lot with the minimum deposit.

Lifetime of deals is usually not more than a day, sometimes one or two days.

The idea of the strategy is that any sudden movement is followed by rollback.


  • OSN - allow the EA to open deals.
  • SHCH - load ratio, the larger is the value, the greater the lot is.
  • RESTTAIM - a delay in seconds for order reopening.
  • BUYDEL - the ratio regulates the aggressiveness when trading Buy orders.
  • SELLDEL - the ratio regulates the aggressiveness when trading Sell orders (not used in this version).
Oksana Machok
2017.02.08 14:10 

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Version 12.1 - 2016.02.23
Reduced processor load
Version 12.0 - 2015.09.10
Bug fix to improve operation of 4-digit terminals
Version 11.0 - 2015.04.17
Having tested the Slonik EA a year after release, I was pleasantly surprised that the EA still showed positive testing result.
This upgraded version contains some minor corrections.