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Ghost Assassin Trade Closer


Ghost Assassin is a portfolio risk management tool that can be used to protect your equity.

The utility can be configured to monitor open positions of a specific trading symbol (EURUSD, DAX30 etc.), with a specific magic number (especially useful if you are using an Expert Advisor that does a poor job of managing risky positions) or of the entire portfolio.

Monitored trades can either be closed once a specified drawdown is exceeded or once a specified clock time on a selected day has passed.


  • Mode - "all": watch all open positions; "magic": watch open trades with a specific magic number; "symbol": watch open trades of the symbol Ghost Assassin is attached to
  • Magic number - magic number to be used for magic mode (irrelevant in other modes)
  • Maximum allowed Drawdown - drawdown in currency after which all watched positions are closed (enter 0 to disable this feature)
  • Include Commissions and Swaps - decide whether to include commissions and swaps in the drawdown calculation
  • Day at which to close Trades - "none": disable the timeout feature; "everyday": close open positions everyday; all other: close open positions on the selected weekday
  • Hour at which to close trades - time after which to close open postions (clock hours 0-23, i.e. 23 means watched positions will be closed at 23:00 on the selected day)

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