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Adaptive Scalper EA

Adaptive Scalper EA is an indicator based EA and it's not a tick scalper EA. It does not comply with FIFO rules, need 1:200 leverage minimum, and a low spread broker. Adaptive Scalper Expert Advisor using a smart risk-management system - will automatically detect price movement on 4 time frames and act according to the current condition. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. You can start using it with $100 only. Use it on 15 minutes time frame.

For Customers

Please write the author in private message to know which pair can be traded for current year, what broker, account type and other recommendation.


  1. ExpertName = Change it to hide EA name from brokers
  2. MagicNumber = Unique number for strategy 1
  3. MagicNumber1 = Unique number for strategy 2
  4. MagicNumber2 = unique number for strategy 3
  5. MagicNumber3 = Unique number for strategy 4
  6. Start_Hour = Hour of MetaTrader 4 terminal where the EA will start enter the market
  7. Start_Minute = Minute of MetaTrader 4 terminal where the EA will start enter the market
  8. Stop_Hour = Hour of MetaTrader 4 terminal where the EA will stop enter the market
  9. Stop_Minute = Minute of MetaTrader 4 terminal where the EA will stop enter the market
  10. SafeMode = A smart risk-management system, please always set to True
  11. Lots = lot size for fixed trade if Risk set to 0
  12. LotDecimal = if your broker start with 0.01 lot with increment of 0.01, set it to 2. If your broker start with 0.1 lot with increment of 0.1 lot, set it to 1.
  13. Risk = Percentage of equity to trade, if you are using Risk = 0 it will trade a fixed lot
  14. MaxTrades = Maximum number of open trades at a time
  15. SL3 = StopLoss
  16. SL= StopLoss , both stop losses are part of the smart risk-management system
  17. TP = Target profit
  18. atr_m15_max_pips = maximum pips on m15 using atr
  19. Spread = is the maximum spread in pip to limit spread allowed to trade
  20. ECN = True if you are using an ECN account, False if you are using a non-ECN account/Standard account. it's not a problem to set it to True on all account types.

Strategy Tester Result

Tested for 14 years: On EURUSD year 2000 to 2014 it generate in the tester more than $32,000,000 from $100 deposit using Risk = 10!



Arief Adianto is a professional trader since 2006, he suggest to everyone in MQL5.community not to buy EA if the author does not show a monitoring account on mql signals. You can find Adaptive Scalper EA monitoring, here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/alchemist/seller

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2017.12.08 19:44 

Совсем плохо стал работать (((

Peaceprofits 2017.03.04 11:48 

I bought Adaptive Scalper a years ago..... I honestly can say it is a complete waste of money.... I would not even use it if it was free.

The problem is you can only use it in a small time period in the evening GMT and it only only profitable in low volatility, if the market suddenly changes and the market also does change and have unpredictalble moves the EA cannot manage the risk and will lose any profit made and begin eating your starting capital , eventually blowing your account.

Stay away form this EA, don't waste your money.......

Yang May Leong
Yang May Leong 2016.10.21 13:20 

Author was attentive. EA does get profits based on trading large lots for 1 to 3 pips profit and lossing maybe abt 30pips. Assume u win 90%, thats 9*3pips=27pips and lost one which meant -30pips.

Update 21/Oct, I used back this EA to run against EU as well as UCHF. Arief is very helpful w settings and explanations.

This version seems to more trend sensitive and i had great profits with this EA. 🙏 performance will continue and I have upgraded my review to 5 stars!

PS: Its best to turn EA off during news for those that dont like news trading or concern over trend sudden spikes

saudi333 2016.10.10 20:42 


Hassan Raza Syed
Hassan Raza Syed 2016.10.08 13:10 

Back test results got me lured into buying this EA but it's far from perfect trading in real live conditions. Big losses, small profits and it's not consistent at all - I would not go around changing my broker every month to match the EA's limitations or keep changing the trading currency pair after incurring loss on one because that's the suitable pair now?

Not recommended at all!

Paul Thatcher
Paul Thatcher 2016.09.20 05:47 

ASEA is very broker sensitive. I have experimented with a variety of brokers. Now i only run ASEA on Activtrades where it is highly profitable. Yes you might have a bad month with some drawdown. There are signals demonstrating huge long term profitability. Arief does not appear to support this EA any longer which is a real shame. You do need to switch off if there is news around. If I have had a good week I tend not to trade on a Thursday. I would have given 5 stars if there was support.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2016.08.16 15:36 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Scrad 2016.06.09 11:33 

EA hat potenzial, jedoch muss man die großen DD verkraften können wenn’s mal passiert. EA ist sehr Broker abhängig. Auf lange Sicht gesehen wird es wohl laufen auf kurze wird es nur wenig Profit machen.

Zu Arief... meldet sich nicht mehr auf die pm´s, keine Updates, holt sich in aller Stille das Geld und das wars... evtl. hat er genug von all dem hier, das ist aber für mich kein Grund sich nicht zu meldet wenn jemand ein Problem hat oder Fehler im EA findet dazu haben die Leute hier ein Produkt für 1500$ kauft...

p.s Ich selber nutze den EA seit 10.2014 nutze aber ein ganz anderes setting und paar.

Thomas Gruening
Thomas Gruening 2016.05.25 11:53 

I am very happy with the product. This EA is recommended and the update to version 4.0 is an enrichment for this product. Depending on the broker, the backtests are almost identical to the live monitoring signals.

In the long run the EA is absolutely great and recommendable. In the short term there may be (hard) setbacks. The amount is then dependent on the personal risk settings. The performance of the EA can be improved by monitoring the news flow during the trading hours.

Unfortunately only 3 stars from me because apparently the support for EA is completed by the author.

Samuel Leo Fisher
Samuel Leo Fisher 2016.03.19 21:58 

Sorry to change the vote of the review, but we have to be honest. The robot "would be good", but in reality it is not. Unfortunately, a robot that you lose everything you've collected in a year, can not be called a good robot.

I tried to study and adapt the robot to any kind of event that could harm our revenue, but in the end "in calm days" the robot has not been shown up to adapt to various situations.

Council not to buy it because, in the end, does not collect any gain. Maybe you do not lose, but I spent $ 1,499 for a profit, not to get my capital almost equal.

Definitely I would not recommend.

Also, I proceeded to wipe out the study that I did on this robot, because in the end turned out to just be a waste of time and ineffective.

If you are fond of garbage, then buy yourself this robot.

ASEA = adaptive shit EA

Raphael Minato
Raphael Minato 2016.03.19 20:55 

Hi All!

I had the bad luck to start using the EA just right in the day of the big stop loss last month, which hit my Eglobal, ActivTrades and OctaFX account. And then by another prank of the destiny, I had another big stop loss due to daylight savings shift issue in OctaFX.

I´m ok because the recovery factor of this EA is very good. And for ActivTrades I have already surpassed the losses and I´m in profit zone in less than 1 month. For OctaFX and Eglobal my account are still under recovery, and if all goes well, I believe in at least 2 more weeks they´ll be in profit zone too.

So from my very short experience with it, Activtrades is at the moment the best option for EURUSD.

This month I opened an account in Armada Markets too, and fortunately this time I got a good week, and I´m already achieving 10% with it.

Update: After a long time in profit, there we several huge stop losses which blew up all the accounts that were in profit, and much more. The current market conditions are very challenging for this EA, so I´m changing it to 2 star review.

Mul Lins
Mul Lins 2016.01.24 10:31 

I am afraid that I have to update my original positive comment. Arief has been great support and this EA has been very good in the past. It's just unfortunate that the EA cannot really adapt to changing market conditions. I have seen lots of signals and accounts been very nearly blown and all of the hard earned profits gone. I will leave 2 stars for my review as I believe that this still have potential, it just needs some clever updates with regards to when it closes trades and how it filters trades. I hope that Adaptive Scalper sees an update in the future. Just to note, I have owned this EA since September 2014.

Ruslan Polyn
Ruslan Polyn 2015.12.30 09:27 

Это не полностью автоматический робот, который поставил на VPS и забыл на месяц, потом вспомнил, снял прибыль и снова забыл. В нынешней неспокойной ситуации на рынке, требует четкой настройки и постоянного контроля. Надо следить, что бы в период включения не было важных новостей, иначе лоси обеспечены. В общем, при правильном использовании имеет право на жизнь, но только под строгим контролем.

UPD 02/06/2015 За последние два месяца робот себя показал с самой положительной стороны, минимум убыточных трейдов, примерно 5% от всех сделок. Сейчас работает на трех парах (EURUSD, GBPUSD и USDCHF) время работы согласно рекомендациям автора, MaxTrades=1.

UPD 30/12/2015 Робот стал работать значительно хуже, пользуюсь обеими версиями 3.1 и 4.0 разницы нет. Открывает сделки и цена летит в противоход. Поймал недавно целую серию SL и вернулся к исходному балансу. Автор периодически меняет ДЦ, но вина не в них, а в изменившейся ситуации, которую робот никак не отслеживает. Оставил его на минимальных рисках 5-10 и слежу за работой. Что касается его покупки за 1999$, то наверное я бы не посоветовал.

Abel Liu
Abel Liu 2015.12.26 14:18 

My forward test account for this EA :-



Will update accordingly.

Cesar de Luna
Cesar de Luna 2015.12.15 08:15 

I bought the EA since End of January 2015.

It is just a matter of "when" it is going to blow your account. Avoid this EA.

Michal Targonski
Michal Targonski 2015.12.07 23:30 

Must say - support is great and if you follow instructions and everyday check if there are no important news released, you will be just great.

Edit: probably this EA is finished :( ;(

ZHE WEI 2015.12.07 03:03 

To use this EA, you must have a more stronger heart. Sometime it will give you huge lost and can wipe your profit one month or two months. To use this EA, I suggest you must use the parameter of closing time to avoid the huge lost, even though the paramter will reduce your profit sometimes. And choosing a good broker is another condition to get the profit. The broker with low slippage and no freezing gap time is manadatory. You should keep an eye on the EA and avoid the trade time during the important messages or News.

mixlin.l 2015.10.26 02:34 

This price is not worth ~ Not recommended

bullish15 2015.09.28 05:20 

The results are very impressive and the signals show it. My results match the signals. You do need to have an account with one of the recommended brokers and have a VPS with very low latency with your broker.

The author removed his old signals, which seems shady. Also, I was having a drawdown so I stopped using this EA.

ahmed808 2015.09.23 08:28 

I have been using the EA for since Aug 2015 (almost 2 months) and this is the most useless scalper ever.

It has very shy profits between 10 to 15 usd every two days and then BOOOOM -1200 usd lost!!!

Huge lost with a very law profits.

I don't recommend this EA to anyone, save your money twice!! once before you buy it, and the money you worked hard to gain in your account.

I hope the owner provider refund.

Simone Peruzzi
Simone Peruzzi 2015.09.21 13:04 

is about a year working with ASEA, I am very satisfied, Arief is an excellent professional, giving help and advice timely when contacted. 5 stars for it and ASEA.

Siska Nurasila
Siska Nurasila 2015.09.18 15:25 

EA Terbaik di mql5 Market.

satindo 2015.08.23 00:27 

I bought the EA and the result on my account is amazing ! I know this EA is intended for EU and GU, but I found it profitable on other pair also. Totally satisfied!

I use it on several brokers and I love it more because it only trades for 2 hours per day. Just make sure your broker have low spread and no server freeze, you'll be fine.

Finally, stress free trading now. Thank you alchemist for letting your EA go public and giving me full support from the beginning. Please don't be bored with my questions. :D

Best Regards



I have followed Arief's recommendation for my latest account. It was started on January 30, 2015 with deposit of 1027.67 USD to start. To date i have 1829 USD withdrawal and my balance now is 4865.78 USD and growing - Thanks Arief !

Allan Calumpang
Allan Calumpang 2015.08.20 13:43 

This is a review coming from a forex newbie. Hence, I feel that it would be best to give you an overview on my understanding about currency trading. At least you would know where my opinions are coming from. At the scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is for advance forex trader, I am on the scale of 2.

I have been aware about the potential (and risks!) of forex trading for more than 10 years now starting from when online trading is still transitioning from the old school printed trading sheets, graphs, and rulers to predict a currency pair’s outcome. Within that span of time, I had my share of losses with forex, while trading with micro accounts (300USD) with FXCM and to as much as 2,000 USD when a ‘close’ friend of mine traded for me. I believe she was a victim of risky trading practice of not putting stop-losses. When Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, everything slipped down the drain. Perhaps, 2,000USD is not much for others, but coming from a developing country, that is already too huge.

Currency trading requires not only knowledge about economic and technical indicators but also entails strict emotional control of not being affected by fear and greed. Since I don’t have that much time to study forex strategies, and since I too can easily be influenced by fear and greed, then I figured, there must have been a way to automate trading. So I googled “Forex Trading Robots”, “Automated Trading”, and bumped into a lot but ended up with Adaptive Scalper Expert Adviser (ASEA).

ASEA vs other Robots / Expert Adviser (EA)

There are a lot of “robots” out there claiming to double or triple your money in a very short span of time. Too good to be true? Exactly! Robot price ranges from USD100 to even 10,000USD. Most of them are full of marketing pitch. Since there are too many of them out there, it is really difficult to find which one is genuine. So I have to diligently find reviews, download trial software, and look into actual trading accounts which use the marketed EA/robot. And it boiled down to between two: ASEA and a 350USD Robot.

I was leaning towards the 350USD robot because primarily it is cheap – so the risk is low compared to ASEA which was priced at that time at 1,299USD. However, as I was looking at the reviews, performance of live accounts, the 350USD robot was not impressive at all. I found out that most of these highly marketed robots have paid reviews and highly search-engine optimized. They have to market it as much as they can because they basically earn from each purchase and all of them does not guarantee return anyway. They may have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee but what if you will just start losing on the 31st day? There goes your 350USD.

Even ASEA, it does not guarantee return/income and does not even have 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy. Spending 1,299USD is really a huge risk. However, I still decided to get ASEA after reading all the comments and reviews.


I started with ActivTrades as per recommendation of developer with an initial deposit of 1000USD. After a month, I got a net profit of 64USD. It was not that much but it was okay since it was still positive. On the second month, there was a broker system issue which resulted to my account going down to 857USD. We had to pull out from ActivTrades. After withdrawing my funds of 857USD, I deposited 1000USD with Tickmill. This is my fourth month trading with Tickmill. As of this writing, my balance is 6,869.50USD with no open trades. I will not be able to provide you my live accounts but there are a lot of ASEA users in this community with live accounts which you can readily check - including of that from the developer.


As mentioned, ASEA is expensive. I purchased it at 1,299USD early this year and now, as of this writing, it costs 1,599USD. As per the developer, the reason why he makes it expensive and increases the price after every few months, is that he wants to limit the number of users, which for me makes sense. Unlike other robots, ASEA is not aggressively marketed and support is only provided by the developer himself. This is one of the factors that convinced me. The product is not driven by greed, though profit from sales is still there.

How ASEA Works

As far as I understood, ASEA trades during “non-turbulent” market conditions. It is optimized to “scalp” during specific hours (e.g. 2300 to 0100) and specific currency pairs. I basically mirror whatever pair and broker the developer is using. This way, if there will be issues with trading or the broker, his recommendations can be applied accordingly. Remember, I am only a newbie, thus I don't want to take too much risk by exploring outside the developer's suggestions.

Profit and Losses

Though ASEA is set to trade from Mondays through Fridays, there are days that it won’t trade. Perhaps, conditions do not meet the requirements for a trade. Daily profit ranges from less than 5USD to a hundred. I believe that it depends on your current trading balance / margin. However, sometimes when losses occur, it will wipe out all of your two week’s profit or more. So far though, my end of month balance is still on the positive side.

I have been reading some comments about losing trades with ASEA. One of the common issues is that they are trading other pairs which are not currently recommended by the developer or perhaps their settings are different. Though it is said that ASEA can be used to trade other pairs, I would always suggest to follow the developer’s recommended pairs, settings, etc. Better yet, just mirror whatever broker/pairs or settings that the developer is using. Also, keep track of the comments and reviews to keep you updated.


The support so far has been excellent. The developer personally handles the support and it usually takes him less than 24 hours to respond. I think this also depends on your geographical location since there are times that he responds within a few hours or less. His support sometimes even extends on how you deal with your brokers.


There are some criticisms about few losing trades / accounts which were taken down (not publicly visible anymore) because they were not profitable. One I can remember was with ActivTrades. I think it was trading GBPUSD and USDCAD pairs, which I was also mirroring with the same broker. Since it was not trading well (contributed by broker and the currency pair), the developer immediately advised to pullout the funds, move to another broker, and chose a different currency pair. As of this writing, I am trading GBPUSD and USDCHF. Though I think I understand the intention of why it was removed I believe it is still best that the developer should have just kept it/them visible from public to increase transparency. [Note: Though I have mentioned that there was an issue about ActivTrades, I am not saying that ActivTrade is not a good or bad broker. Maybe the ASEA is not just optimized to work with such broker. ]

ASEA Community

ASEA users are active on the signal’s page, especially the “Comments” section. It is a community of people providing helpful hints, advise, and feedback (even negative). So be sure to check this out daily.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Though there have been a lot of profit across users, THIS IS NOT THE HOLY GRAIL! As to any other trading platforms and strategies, this is highly risky and does not guarantee any return. We rely on the developer’s trading experience and expertise translated into an Expert Adviser (EA) which made available to us (ASEA). Do not invest on this if you plan it to be your only source of income. Though the ASEA strategy is aimed for profit, it is still highly possible that you will lose. You should prepare yourself for this because if you are not, then you will end up sulking and hating this program. But if you are indeed prepared to lose, then you can simply just let go and move on if it happens. However, if you earn, then that would be perfect!

If you want to reduce your risk, you can share your investment with someone and maybe withdraw your capital/investment once you have enough profit. Also, perform due diligence. Explore other robots/EAs, compare, check reviews, test. Perhaps you will be able to find a program better than this.

Overall Rating

I am giving this ASEA and the developer a 5-star. He is doing the world a favor and we should be very grateful for that! Thank you Arief!

If you think this review helped and would like to purchase the ASEA, click on this link (or copy paste it if it's not clickable):


MQL5 will provide me a referral bonus if you buy through that link. Of course you always have the option to directly purchase from the Signal’s page.

myfxrobots.com 2015.08.14 20:42 

I have to say that Arief has done good job with this EA. The reason for only four stars for now is that we had some bad results early this year. Will get full five stars at the end of September if results going strong!

Real account results: http://myfxrobots.com/2015/08/507/

Max 2015.07.10 13:10 

It soon showed good results although there has been a stop loss hit recently. The limitation is the brokers available t use with it. None of the settings need to be changed or much attention, just run the EA, change 'name' field. After 3 months i am just in profit so I will update again next year if it improves.

Update, slow work and needs monitoring, made good progress earlier months but since april may been treading water somewhat

Gushen Investment Management
YING KIT CHEUNG 2015.07.09 18:01 

It is easy to use. And the result is good.

Petr Vegh
Petr Vegh 2015.07.02 19:10 

Great product and support. I think it is worth checking market conditions every day before trading times and adjust the settings accordingly to improve the profit/loss ratio

Ryan Mann
Ryan Mann 2015.06.27 11:49 

Gives you HUGE losses often! Hopefully I will be able to make my money back in less than a year, not likely.

nikolai82 2015.06.02 19:25 

отличный робот!!!спасибо автору!!!)

cenipenu 2015.05.07 23:05 

One of the best EAs on the market, excellent support by Arief, generates good profit when used following the guidelines posted in comments

hysek 2015.03.20 18:49 

Arief deleting old signals, EUR/USD , USD/CAD ... because many SL by replacing them with the new ones.

I asked him to leave the old signals so that the buyers can get a realistic view but he refused to do so stating that you can read about it in the comments

Borodin161 2015.03.09 09:20 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Adelo 2015.03.05 05:27 

Good job men, the best EA!

Wilfredo Matamoros
Wilfredo Matamoros 2015.03.02 00:43 

I see it as an investment and its working! I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but I'm glad I have this EA. I little expensive but its worth it. It pays itself! The author is also accessible.

Sohail Alizai
Sohail Alizai 2015.02.27 09:26 

I bought this EA in January and after one month performance I would like to say that this is very well programmed EA, my account is overall in profit. Key to success is to follow Areif advise as he is very helpful for selecting brokers and pairs. My rating for this product is 5 star and support is also 5 star.

Pavonine Asia
Pavonine Asia 2015.02.17 00:13 


Its a very well programmed EA, very sharp, you should use it wisely

Another 5 stars reasons is although the EA is having an up & down results nowadays (due to market conditions) the author shows an excellent support & responsibility by keep responding on each of its customer inquiries (and complain) and always find a way to improve its product, with this, we can be sure of the sustainability of the EA in the long run

Thanks Arief!

yoda1980 2015.02.13 14:54   

Save yourself $1500! Markets change all the time and this ea is not "adaptive" to the market. Stops are huge and profits are small.. It also makes very large entries which if 1 thing happens and things do happen huge losses will occur. I own 4 other ea's as well as made my own all which clown this ea for a fraction of the price. The maker arief will claim anyone having problems losing money is because of broker sensitivity , for example if the spread is 1.2 pips instead of 1. That is garbage especially considering the high stop loss. If you want to spend $1500 to blow up your account eventually go ahead but remember i warned you! That is my reason of writing this review.

Roberto Canal
Roberto Canal 2015.02.09 10:04 

Risk-benefit much difference. I have cleaned more than 50% of the account 2 times

Ghassan Linjawi
Ghassan Linjawi 2015.02.05 18:46 

This is not Adaptive EA at all. Vendor keeps changing setting and testing different pairs. All pairs eventually fail. But the vendor remove looser accounts.

Good luck to all of you.

dh9999 2015.01.29 10:04 

Bought since December without very good result and in spite of an excellent support of the seller, "ASEA" me in fact to lose a part of my capital in January, too much SL touched and a too big risk to compared with the profit! Can be that the market is not any more adapted, too much volatility!

Vasily Pererva
Vasily Pererva 2015.01.29 05:55 

За неделю слил депозит. При том что все рекомендации автора были соблюдены.

Pisethdara Keo
Pisethdara Keo 2015.01.27 13:47 

I just bought and started this EA in beginning of January this year. Although I experienced draw down at the start due to situation changed (for example CHF event, etc.), I'm still completely satisfied what Arief have been doing to keep better work for this EA from day to day as well as to provide his best support to his clients including me. The current challenge is just a temporary because Arief always care about it. For me, I believe in this EA and Arief.

Felipe Guidi
Felipe Guidi 2015.01.06 21:57 

I bought the AS EA to start trading in 2015...until now i only have winning trades...Arief is very responsive and attentive. Hope we can continue in this way.

Wim Schrynemakers
Wim Schrynemakers 2015.01.06 11:12 

Being a developer myself, I found that this is one of the very few EA's on the MQL market that actually work and it is very well programmed. Results are excellent so far! Also support is superb!

Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia 2014.12.23 14:42 

After using this EA for 3 months, I can say it works really well.

Is important follow the Arief recommendations. He provides a great support.

I also think is important use a VPS with low latency to the server broker to maximize profits.

Yulius Maria Wijaya Jacoub
Yulius Maria Wijaya Jacoub 2014.11.19 14:07 

EA terbaik yg pernah saya punya, seller selalu memberikan respon yg cepat setiap ada pertanyaan, 2 bulan pakai EA adaptive scalper profit. 70%, mudah mudahan profit terus

Dr. Trader
Dr. Trader 2014.11.12 04:24 

Expert advisor is great, completely follows principle "set up and forget". But, not all brokers are acceptable for it, you should contact author for list of acceptable ones (basically, its required to have low spread, and no spread widening during certain hours). You can skip parameter optimization and use default ones, ea is self adjusting to current market situation, and if some deal ends with negative profit - ea will consider this situation in future when opening new trades, and will successfully recover losses with next trades. Author always answers questions in comments and private messages, you can be sure that your problem will be resolved.

You can look at authors signals - this is what you will get in your real account.

If you know how to do expert test with 99,9% tick modeling quality - you can test it with different trading hour periods to get more profitability or less drawdown, and set these hours for trading on real account. But you should be careful, trading hour adjustments can have huge impact on result. For example if you set trading 00:00-24:00 during test, you will see that most profitable hours are 22:00-01:00. Then if you set ea trading hours 22:00-01:00 only, and do another test - you will notice that profitable period now is 23:00-01:00, and 22:00-23:00 now became unprofitable. So, before applying new trading period to real account - do testing once again with this exact new trade time period, to make sure that whole selected period is profitable. And if unprofitable part still exist in the beginning or in the end - remove them and test again.

Andrew Pepera
Andrew Pepera 2014.11.07 09:31 

Hello, I would just like to say that the author of this EA is giving great service and I am very happy with my assistance so far. Thank you.

Ian Tavener
Ian Tavener 2014.11.06 17:16 

The market has adapted to this adaptive scalper, and now it's very unprofitable. You can actually watch the market touch SL and then turn around. This night time scalping strategy has been clearly identified by the big players, and countered. They wouldn't actually let us all walk away with millions from doing nothing.

Reza Pratama
Reza Pratama 2014.10.27 01:40 

Eanya mantap, ada harga ada rupa

Lukasz Gorski
Lukasz Gorski 2014.10.10 09:42 

13 Oct: First two profitable trades are done! I'll update here about future results.

In addition Arief is very helpful, replies are given very fast.

Humraz Parmar
Humraz Parmar 2014.10.01 03:03 

Arief is Patient and Quick to reply, I am experienced with trading but not so much with Expert Advisors he answered all my questions. This is my first EA purchase and it seems like a great one! The EA backtests well on a variety of live and demo accounts, Great results on ICmarkets, OctaFX and Armanda MArkets Live Accounts, and decent results on FortFS live (fortfs is not recommended by seller)

I am looking forward to... forward tests =)

Dennis Friden
Dennis Friden 2014.09.30 19:15 

Excellent EA and even better service, this is a product worth its price!

Baihaki Nasution
Baihaki Nasution 2014.09.16 23:38 

Awesome .. First, I hesitated with this ea. Especially I think the price is very expensive. But after I use it, it is very profitable at all. I think within 10 days, the cost of the purchase has been a turnover. Oh yes .. the main thing is the after sales service is also very good, and familiar. He will guide us in the use of ea, even to find a suitable broker with ea. After I bought and installed on MT4, every day I wake up in the morning, then I find my money has increased .. Alhamdulillah..

Nadeem123 2014.09.15 14:08   

Very happy with the performance of this EA so far Even while running on a different broker! I will soon make back the money it cost!

Brilliants support too

Highly recommended

mrkarwaing 2014.09.14 15:00 

Wanted to say that so far in terms of service I give it 5 stars! He replies ASAP. I will add another review in the future regarding the profitability of this EA. Thanks again Alchemist!

UPDATE 19/09/2014: I made 10% in one day. In less than 3 months I'll make my money back!

Mahadir Abd Aziz
Mahadir Abd Aziz 2014.08.29 09:26 

Awesome!! I have use this EA since mid of July 2014 and until today the result is good. I can say it open position just about 4 out of 5 days a week but the trade is accurate. From myfxbook you can see mostly it accurate up to 85% above or 100% for open and close position. That is good. Loss position i can say is about 3 out of 10 position. Good service after sales as well.

Here i share my live trade using this EA: http://threesome.mt4live.com/

anc200 christofi
anc200 christofi 2014.08.02 21:56 

I bought this EA almost 2 weeks ago, still early days but so far I've been impressed with it. I was little apprehensive to purchase it at first due to the price but as the author has an fxbook account to back up his claims that it works I took the plunge and did so. I can tell you that if you run the EA exactly the same way as the author tells you, you will get exactly the same results, this EA really does work as the author says. 5 stars for the EA and also 5 stars for the service you get from the author. I sent him a message right after I bought it. Within a few minutes I got a response. Not only do you get an EA that works on a live account you also get a great service.

Version 5.0 2017.05.02
1. Update the EA for compatibility to the latest version of MT4.
2. Fix all possible errors and bugs.
3. Add news filter feature. The EA draw news line and write the news to the chart. To allow news filter for the EA, simply open MT4 > Tools > Options > Expert Advisor and check the box of 'Allow WebRequest for listed URL'. Then add http://ec.forexprostools.com to the list.
Version 4.0 2015.10.20
1. Close After Minutes = a feature where you can set the EA to force close the order after X minutes.
2. Close All = a feature where you can force to close all open orders instantly when you set it to True. This is intended for semi automatic trading.
3. Trading Day Settings = a feature where you can set on what day to trade, divided in AM/PM.
4. Write log at which the order was triggered at, and the price that was actually obtained. Also write the exact pip slippage on entry and exit.
5. Write log of the time needed for entry and exit in millisecond.
6. Fixed small bugs.
Version 3.1 2014.11.17
1. Changed default settings
2. Added recommendation notes on chart
Version 3.0 2014.10.22
1. Added new parameter for trading time. Now users can use minute base for trading time filter.
2. Fixed small error.