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ALL EAs at 75$ !!!

Customers who already purchased products at higher price,are eligible to make new purchase at products they want with 35$  !!!

ALSO: BIG UPGRADE -14/11/2019 - in ScalperMind !!! (MUST TEST !!!)


I am facing some communication problems through pm which i am waiting for the service desk to solve them and i will only be able to answer in the comments of product's page.I am sorry for the inconvenience.

OR CONTACT me through Telegram @AntoM78

The EA sprecializes in finding quality entries based on MACD and Bollinger using Mathematical conditions.


Minimum Balance: 500$

Pair: ANY

TF:15M (the EA can be used on any higher TF)

Different Magic Number in each chart.


  • Max Spread: Max Spread
  • MinutesPeriod:Incert the minutes of the TF.
  • ProfitAmountPips:The minimum pips before TP.
  • InitialLots:Starting Lot
  • MultiplyOnLoss:Lot's multiplier after the first position.(Set it to 1 if you want FLAT lot size)
  • VolumeUpperLimit:The max size of a position if there is a multiplier.
  • RangePips:The average distance between two positions(up an down)
  • CompareCount:Max positions

Live Signal:

Clarification:The signal started with 90$ capital 21 weeks ago just to condact some tests manually and burned.

AT 14/9/2019 a new deposit made of 92$.

I am using ALL my EAs in a DEMO account and when i have open positions at the same pair in More than 5 EAs i open manually a trade in my live signal.

This is how it works.

Since that the first time it was burned the statistic of growth will still be negative BUT as you can see AFTER THE second deposit and the use of the EAs the months followed were very profitable:

SEP: 257.22 GROWTH

OCT: 136.79 GROWTH

NOV: 70.44 GROWTH( running)


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    Version 1.1 2019.11.09
    One more extra condition added for even better entries.