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Stick And Stone

In the wake of AI industry there's a lot opinions that human will be replaced by algorithm,

some people worried that job are being replaced by robots.

while some people believe that robots trully can do a better job (if not perfect) than people.

"Only A few realized that it is a combination of human's creativity and insight and AI's discliplined and tirelessness

that will trully excel." -Quote by SomeGuy.

People are looking for the right EA to put their investment on, on a long term basis,

Statistically it works, based on a previous data. BUT we will still have doubt. 

Backtesting is based on a previous data, so it is easier for any programmer to rig their EA to work under certain environment (Pair)

that they know is for instance (up along 2017, and down at 2018)

So it is justified that people wont feel safe to put a big risk on their EA, they would only put a small risk on it.

Even the Best EA is only a Bet.

People Trusting EA in the first place should have seen evidence that technical analysis works,

the would then try to find and easier way and more precise method by using a robot.

Despite of the Provocative Tag "Stick and Stone Trade Better Than You". is different from the rest of the EA.

All of the EA should meet standard that they can be used in any pair any time, and they must work most of the time.

indicating that it use a common technical analysis that statistically works overtime.

Of Course Everyone that work with an EA before will seek answer not of those successfull EA trades.

but what if the market doesn't go along with EA's order? because it is more crucial to save your funds rather than profit.

That is why we won't trust big fund with EA in the first place.

Even if you employ an EA, as a trader would you just deploy and forget your fund for a whole year or two without looking at it progress?

No you won't wou will be checking it most of the time, daily, weekly, monthly and so on.

The STICK AND STONE EA is a "late entry" version of my previous EA the beach trip EA. Late entry generally produce a better entry,

but for some cases the it can produce worse, or even doesn't trade because of the opportunity has closed. be sure to check my Beach Trip EA too.

This EA is basically works on divergent principle.

BUT THE CATCH IS : By Subscibing to my EAs I will also tell you what to do if the EA doesn't work. (Contact me on MQL5 message or telegram)

I don't mind to interfere with EA as long it keeps us green.

I'm a Technical analyst,  I've traded without EA, and I trade solely with EA. I know that the combination of them works better for me.

By WORK BETTER I mean that it's not the matter how much percentage I earn in the market, but How much confidence that my capital in the market is secure.

Strongly advised to use a VPS to be able to scan the market continously.

This EA designed for serious trader who become too serious and need to laid back and still having some decent trades, the setting is so simple and it works on any chart

The Robot will scan continously on 1 mins, 5 min, and 15 mins chart. SEE the Strategy Tester Guide to know whether your history data is valid enough.

The EA isn't optimize on any single currency, so the money management isn't build to last very long nor to make unrealistic parabolic curve on certain pairs.

Take your profit, restart the EA every 3 month with a new updated capital setting.

READ The Important NOTE in the picture below.

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Version 1.1 2019.11.12
Added a refresh in Spread protection