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FX Exploit Profit Hunter

FX Exploit Profit Hunter - this is a convenient multi-currency trading Expert Advisor with built-in manual trading strategy with functions for monitoring the activity of the market and signals for trading on calm market

FX Exploit Profit Hunter = FX Exploit Pro + FX Exploit Calm Trader

Signals on MQL5: link

Available 3 manual strategies:

1). Strategy: scalping on accounts with a narrow spread and fast execution (need practice and experience)

2). Strategy: opening orders by signals and holding a basket of orders for a while (medium-term trading strategy). From 3 to 20 hours (statistics and optimization required + tests performed on the MT5 multicurrency tester)

3). Strategy: scalping + holding basket of order and close them with a profit/loss (mixed trading strategy)

1). The strategy is to open positions according to signal indicator (a column of signal indicators, see Examples) when market activity is minimal or slightly increased, but there is no high activity on the H4 timeframe or very high on all H4-M5 timeframes (in Settings, set activity threshold, it is expressed in the number of active pairs, by default it is 7 of any pairs of 28). The built-in signal indicator has 2 sensitivity values, values ​​7 and 2 are set by default. You can change (within acceptable limits) these values ​​by increasing the first and decreasing the second, then there will be fewer transactions and vice versa. Take profit on average varies from 80 points to 400 points, you can use the grid in increments of 100-200 points (for 5-digit quotes)

The minimum deposit for scalping depends on the lot being traded, the number of pairs in the transaction, and the grid step.

For $1500-2000 this is 0.05 lots per pair (3-4 pairs for trading + a grid of orders)

For $15000-20000 0.5 lots per pair etc.

1). The strategy is described in the discussion of products 1,2,3, and its results are shown.

The basic rules are "not" for 1). strategies:

  • Do not trade during the holidays (low liquidity, wide spread)
  • Do not trade during important news (active market). To trade on the news, use the FX Exploit News Catcher trading advisor (available soon)
  • Do not trade when the spread widens during strong political events (up to 400 points, for example, Brexit)
  • Do not trade on night signals, the desired time is the beginning of the European session - until the middleor end  of the American session
  • Do not trade by signals when the market is active or very active
  • Do not trade if you are tired and cannot follow the positions
  • Do not leave positions unattended when you scalp
  • Do not trade closer to the new year
2). Strategy - opening positions according to indicator signals and holding positions for some time (according to statistics from 3 to 20 hours). To do this, we used a special adviser ( Statement Trader ) for trading from the Detailed Statement.htm report file and conducted a statistical study on the MT5 platform (simulation charts are given below)


  • Symbols prefix (e.g. - c, m ...) - prefix of symbols your broker (mEURUSD example)
  • Symbols suffix (e.g. - .ecn, .m, f, i ...) - suffix of symbols  your broker (EURUSD.ecn example)

  • Activity Filter, % - activity market filter in % (default >= 95%)
  • Show activity also on H4 ? - highlight activity from H4 tf
  • (Pairs count) Very High Market Activity - number of pairs to determine activity
  • (Alert) Very High Market Activity Alert every, min - alert frequency
  • (Notification ?) Very High Market Activity - push-alerts?

  • Sensitivity Factor #1 - limit (>7, <9 or (7-9)) - sensitivity factor #1 for generating signals
  • Sensitivity Factor #2 - limit (>1, <3 or (1-3)) - sensitivity factor #2 for generating signals

  • Signal Alert Every, min - alerts when signals appear (repeat signals every X minutes)
  • Signal Notification ? - send push-notifications when signals is appear

  • Magic Number - magic number for your deals 
  • Lot - trading lot for each deals (positions)

A full description of the parameters is available here

sunnychow 2020.02.05 15:54 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sergey Demin
Sergey Demin 2020.01.31 15:06 

Завораживает мгновенность исполнения приказов.


Сразу видно, Автор проделал огромную многолетнюю работу!

Кстати, поддержка по продукту мгновенная. Автор, даже если не может ответить на сложный вопрос, то отвечает мгновенно:

- готовлю подробный ответ, отвечу позже.


RK99 2019.11.29 17:27 

A great scalping system, it is well design with great user interface and it have filters to trade with. If you're looking for a scalping system with dynamic trading method and user friendly. You will need this system. Good job Aliaksandr

tradesafenow 2019.11.14 09:20 

This is an awesome product. It makes manual trader's life much easier. It has great functions...signals are mostly reversals, hope the author ads trailing functions and other trend strategies to this great EA, thank you.

asaens15 2019.11.13 06:14 

Great product and great support. All 5 stars well deserved. I would like to see more signal options but that's another story.

Version 2.6 2020.02.08
Fixed closing errors at common profit for the symbol
the behavior of the autopilot button has been changed - when it is enabled outside of trading time (now it is not disabled, but the alert is displayed).
Version 2.5 2020.02.04
- Added notification (button color/alert) if the autopilot cannot open a trade (it happens that we are not working at the right time, or on this day trading is prohibited or automatic trading is disabled).
- Added closing by profit/loss of basket of orders for one symbol each
- In the order sending function, the check of lot size now displays a warning to check the character specification
- Some corrections to the code
Version 2.4 2019.12.27
Fixed found errors after previous updates
The names of some parameters have been changed, but their order has not been changed
Year refreshed
Version 2.3 2019.12.26
-- hot fix
Version 2.2 2019.12.26
Added a filter by currency pairs, a list of currency pairs that will not participate in trading (both manually and via autopilot function).
If you prohibit the output of the signal indicator signals during strong market activity, now the existing signals in the signal column are reset.
Fixed some inaccuracies
Version 2.1 2019.12.23
Now the clear signal button resets the equity line (max profit/max loss).
Also added possibility to prohibit the output of signals from a signal indicator when the market is active
parameter - Send when market is active ? - (true/false) by default = false (in FX Exploit Calm Trader Settings).
Version 2.0 2019.12.19
For accounts in Euro (EUR) I have added the possibility of displaying profit/loss in Euro (Euro "€" icon)
Changed the way of placing SL/TP orders with the button (S/T), recalculation of sl/tp for old orders is removed, sl/tp is placed only for new orders
The SL/TP All button can still be used to remove or add all Stoploss or Take Profit orders with one click, the logic has not changed here
Version 1.9 2019.12.11
changed the order of parameters in the settings, for convenience
Added the last AutoClearSignals signal (optional) to the field
added a warning if no trading days are specified or the whole line is empty TradingDays
Version 1.8 2019.12.05
Added new parameter "Trade Once a day ?" (true/false) - the parameter in the true position prohibits reopening of a position by a symbol for today, if a trade was opened and closed by this symbol
(this parameter is displayed in the Autopilot settings panel)
Fixed errors in trailing button, order baskets button
Fixed misprint from version 1.1
Added parameter "Width between action buttons" (in the Panel Settings section) - it allows to increase the distance between Action buttons and position information columns
The "Use grid?" parameter == false (is default now)
Version 1.7 2019.12.03
Fixed an error when sending an order
Added a text label on the autopilot panel with the trade permission
Version 1.6 2019.12.02
Updating to fx Exploit autopilot features
Version 1.5 2019.11.23
Changing the parameters in the EA settings
External changes, changes in the names of EA parameters
Fixed bugs
Version 1.4 2019.11.20
The EA works only with its orders with Magic Number
The interface of the trading panel was updated, unnecessary elements were removed, the panel began to look easier, but the functionality did not change
+ minor fixes
Version 1.3 2019.11.17
The default lot is set to a minimum of 0.01
By default, prefix / suffix fields for symbols are empty
Version 1.2 2019.11.15
Protecting Trailing Stop settings
Added button to activate trailing stop = Trailing ON / OFF (on / off)
Added the ability to close the common basket of orders for total loss and profit
The total loss and profit are set in the settings, enable / disable the function when you click the Basket OFF / Basket ON button
The interface is slightly changed
New settings added
bugs fixed
Version 1.1 2019.11.14
Fixed currency activity filter
Change interface
Renaming buttons for spread and activity, cange color sheme
Added settings for colors +
Added trailing stop for single and grid orders from the common breakeven point and fixed an error in OrderSelect
Removed the Refresh data updates now update constantly 1 second