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TripleEMA is an EA using the triple exponential strategy, using crossover of 15 exponential moving agerage, 25 exponential moving average, and 50 exponential moving average.

The best results will be obtained on symbols that show a clear trend swap, in bear territory, and in bulls territory.

It can be used on any symbols: currency pairs, commodities, stocks.

Always configure the parameters of the ea responsibly, set a stop loss value that is comfortable with you, and don't be too greedy about the take profit value. the market will always provide a new opportunity.

On MQL5, you can also attach this EA to multiple currencies simply by drag&drop method

For USCrude, it's recommended to set sl=70, tp=70, trailing stop=40

For  EUR/USD pair, configure:

take profit: 390

stop loss: 455

trailing value: 295

short ema: 15

medium ema: 25

long ema: 50

the EA works on all parities, with the condition that the EA variables are adapted accordingly, some pairs have higher volatility, while others have lower volatility.

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Version 2.0 2020.07.22
stability update for trailing stop & added safeguard against context switching.
new parameter "timeframe" added