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Attacker EA,looks for strong price movements,and trend reversals. The system is based on volatility breakouts.For each order, the EA opens pending orders,
the trade is additionally controlled by a trailing stop. If there is a strong movement in the market,
the EA opens a trade and moves the trailing stop to the best positions as soon as possible.stop loss and take profit are absent.

The EA works best on the following pairs: US500,AUS200,US2000.

Attentions: welcome!for a good and excellent result, connect the account faster (VPS)!it all depends on the fast VPS!for a perfect figure you need a fast  VPS (3ms), connect the required VPS 3ms and everything will be fine,good luck!!!

The recommended minimum capital is 1000 USD.

Also important:

The product has been tested,99% in simulation quality,all (ticks),with a Deposit of 1000 USD.
All optimizations are based on leverage 1:500,as well as the Commission calculated for 1 lot 8 USD, account ( Raw Spread) broker ( IC Markets)!If you want to trade with high leverage, it is recommended to reduce the value (risk percentage).each currency has its own set of files.
VPS hosting is highly recommended.Timeframe: M30.

Input parameters

TradeManager - trade manager;
UseTrendFilter - TrendFilter;
InvisibleMode - InvisibleMode;
TradeComment - order comment;
Magic Number - magic number;
Slippage - maximum allowed slippage;
MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread;
FixedLot - fixed trading lot size;
Money_Management - Money_Management;
RiskPercent - risk per trade (in percent);
MaxDrawdown - the maximum drawdown (in points);
StartHour - trading start hour;
EndHour - trading end hour;
GMTOffset - time zone (GMT);
TradeDelta - trade delta (in points);
Trailing - trailing stop distance (in points);
StartTrailing - trailing stop start (in points);
VelocitySignal - VelocitySignal (in points);
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