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Fall In Love Forex Robot

Strategy is very simple and low risk (DD is about 3% in last 9 years on backtest). It is based on the author's trade system that uses candlestick analyzes.

  • Buying or Selling on reaction
  • Orders are closed by stop loss and take profit or by some special signals
  • Use the EA on the M15 chart
  • TP=100 pips
  • SL=90 pips
  • The Expert Advisor doesn't use martingale
  • Trade time is short (mostly ~24h)

I use this EA on Live too. Backtest uses data of FXDD http://cn.fxdd.com/mt/cn/forex-resources/forex-trading-tools/metatrader-1-minute-data/.

Parameters Setting

1. OpenDay

The robot will start trading after this day.


2. OpenHour

The robot will start trading after this hour (24-hour clock).

3. Use_WeekClose_Function

If you wish to close all trades on Friday, you should use:


4. ExitDay 5. ExitHour 6. ExitMinute (24-hour clock)

If Use_WeekClose_Function=true, please input these.

If Use_WeekClose_Function=false


If you want close all trades on Friday 21:01, you must input:

ExitDay=5, ExitHour=21, ExitMinute=1 (allows your server time)

7. Slippage

Maximum allowed slippage. I use 3.

8. Lots

The extent of the fixed trading volume.

9. MagicNumber5278

A unique identifier through which Fall In Love Robot recognizes and manages its own positions. If you use other expert advisors on the same account, please ensure that each of them has a distinct unique identifier.

10. Magic5278_TP

Proximity to take profit levels in standard pips. I use 100, because 100 is the best performance on backtest.



If profit overs 100Pips then trade will be closed.

11. Magic5278_SL

Proximity to stoploss levels in standard pips. I use 60.because 60 is the best performance on backtest.



If Loss overs 90 Pips then trade will be closed.

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Version 1.9 2014.06.02
Symbols like "USDJPYm", "USDJPYx", "USDJPYFXF", "USDJPYjpy" etc. are now fully supported.